Yoga with Style :)

My sister and I spend an insane amount of time at the gym. You could call it our home away from home. We recently had a flash of inspiration while doing yoga one day. I realized that if we could monogram everything else in our lives why couldn’t we monogram our yoga mats? We headed to a local shop in town to see Mrs. Penny. Mrs. P is the master of all things monogrammed. If it has space, she is going to figure out how to monogram it one way or the other. Her prices are wonderful and her turn around time is between 1 – 3 days. She loves to see us walk in the door :) She laughed when we brought our yoga mats in. Of course it’s possible, she said! Two days later we had our mats back and were headed to yoga :) It’s a fabulous exercise routine for this retired swimmer and her retired softball sidekick!



PS: Since then, 4 other girls have taken their mats to get them monogrammed..we’re trend setters!

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