red dagger kayak

Kayaking is one of my favorite weekend sports!

I love nothing more than loading my Dagger Alchemy up and hitting the water on the weekends. Here are a few of my favorite gear items and some tips for hitting the water!


It’s hard for me to find a PFD that fits over the girls. This one is my absolute favorite. It’s perfect for freestyle kayaking and I love that my knife attaches directly to the front.

Get yours here: NRS Ninja

Fox 40 Classic Whistle

The ONLY whistle I use. The pea-less Fox 40 classic has been a life saver in several situations. I love the self clearing feature. It’s great for moments when rapids roll you over and out! The hard you blow it, the louder it gets alerting other paddlers and even bystanders that you’re in trouble and need help.

The NRS Bow Line Rope Bag

Great for performing rescues on the fly or tying your kayak up for a midday break.

We never leave home without NRS straps and ratchet straps. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve need them to tie gear down. My favs are the 12 or 15ft straps.

Get yours here: NRS 12ft Straps

Meet My Yak
I looooove my Dagger Alchemy. She’s a beauty! When I first started kayaking in her, I was amazed at the amount of dragonflies that landed to take quick breaks on her. So she quickly became Dragonfly the Dagger.
We’ve been palling around for several years now and I wouldn’t trade her for the world

Sadly, they’ve discontinued my specific kayak.
I have demo’d the new Stratos 14.5L and like it

NRS Dry Bag

Whether it’s packing snacks, hiding my wallet or keeping up with everyone’s keys, the NRS dry bag does a great job of keeping everything dry on our paddling trips.

10 Safety Items Every Kayaker Needs

Water safety is my highest priority

when we’re taking guests on a trip down the river.

Checkout a few of my go-to safety gear items!

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