May Cara Box Reveal!

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day! I wanted to take a chance to show you how much fun I had this month participating in the May Cara Box exchange :) It was my first time participating and I had such fun running around. The theme for May was “regional” which at first sounded challenging. But! I live in the south and we’re loaded with awesome stuff ;) Living in the low country of South Carolina and summer is almost upon us I decided to pack everything one would need for a summer soiree :) Food & Recipes!

1. Momma’s Award Winning Peach Cobbler – summer bbqs and get togethers aren’t complete without one thing! My momma’s peach cobbler. I live down the road from one of the largest local farms and they pre-package their cobbler mix. So I headed down to the farm to buy some from Mr. A. I wish I could video blog the experience of getting items for my box! Then you’d get to meet the great people that grow your food!

2 – Shrimp & Grits ~ Who can last a summer in the south without munching on some Shrimp & Grits. Now for some people it has a weird texture. Get over it :) I sent D a bag of grits and my S&G recipe.

3 – Arnold Palmer Mix – My NY friend recently discovered the awesomeness of the South known as an Arnold Palmer. Half Lemonade & Half Sweet Tea it’s a sugar party in your mouth. According to Palmer, he was in the habit of drinking ice tea with lemonade at home, and in 1960 at the US Open at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, CO, he ordered the drink at the bar. A woman sitting nearby overheard him, and ordered “that Palmer drink”, thus giving the mix its name. The drink is also referred to as a “Half & Half” in many parts of the United States.

4 – Frog Jam – We come up with some interesting things down here in the South :) We take only the most tender young frogs to make our jam…just kidding! Actually it is a very tasty blend of Figs, Raspberries, Oranges and Ginger. Most people buy it because of it’s silly name..we also have Toe Jam too :)

5 – Peach Soap – On our farm we make a lot of soap. There isn’t a whole lot that goes to waste around here. I love homemade soap :) It’s free of all the junk that you don’t need and smells divine.

6 – Shealy’s BBQ Sauce – What is summer without the grill running? We eat a lot of bbq here and there are two variations of sauces consumed at this house :) Mustard based and Vinegar based. Shealy’s is a hot spot in the upstate that my dad can’t drive by without stopping for Lunch. I grabbed a bottle the last time we ran through so I could send it in my box :)

7 – Recipe Cards & A Letter :) MommaD’s blog was such a testament of strength and encouragement to me! I wanted to send her a note telling her how much her journey had impacted my life and a few words of encouragement because what mom doesn’t need that :) I love to doodle and so I doodled up some of my favorite summer recipe cards for MommaD and her crew. Hope they enjoy them!

Annnnnnddddd now for the box I received :)

I loved it! Michelle twitter stalked me to see what I liked and we exchanged emails back and forth. Her box was so creative! I loved her packaging!

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