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It’s another Monday! We’re over halfway through our challenge :) Y’all! I am so excited for you to read Michelle’s guest post! I could hardly wait until this morning to post it. I think you’re going to be as excited as I am so let’s catch up with Michelle from

I’m back this week with another Whole30 update. This was my 3rd week – 21 days, just 9 more to go – and I have to say, I am feeling great!

I had read that eating clean would help you sleep better, and truth be told, I didn’t think I had any issue with sleeping.  I get tired, so I go to sleep.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret:  I used to get tired during the day and drive over to the hospital and take a nap in their parking lot.  My midday naps became part of my routine.  But this week, I went over there for my naps twice, and I could not sleep.  Never had that problem.  But now I know why:  I was not tired.  I have great energy now.  I sleep at night and that’s it.  No more nappies during the day.  And with that time and energy I am getting errands done, getting some shopping in, so it doesn’t take away from my family time at night.  Amazing the far-reaching benefits of eating like this.  Who knew?  Not me.

I did have to replenish this week.  So another trip to Trader Joe’s. They had artichokes on the cheap, and we made our own Whole30 mayo to dip them in.  And I tried these yummy little Persian cucumbers.

I was challenged this week when I had to go on a business lunch at Red Robin.  It was a last-minute thing, and I panicked!  I didn’t know what to eat, my boss told me it would be weird if I didn’t eat, so I had to get a plan in place. I ordered a hamburger patty, sliced tomato and avocado, and some fruit.  The second the strawberry got to my mouth, I could smell the sugar, so it was not Whole30 and I ended up not eating it.  They must keep the salad in some syrup or something.  But I was content with my meat and veggies.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my husband (who is doing Whole30 with me) made some Whole30 compliant crepes.  We found the recipe online.  They were very eggy, but the coconut milk, or was it coconut oil?  Can’t remember, but they had a little bit of sweetness and I loved the nuttyness of them.  Topped with fruit, and a side of bacon.  It was the closest thing I’ve had to dessert in weeks.

Through 21 days I have lost 25.8 pounds and my husband has lost 31.2 pounds! I am jealous of his weight loss, but I do notice that I eat more fruits than he does, so that’s probably why.  And men and women lose weight differently.  But all things considered, we are doing really really well. 

I’ll catch you here next week with another update!


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  1. Wow!! This was an amazing update!! So happy that you feel totally energized and always ready to go! It certainly helps with those extra minutes in the day when you don’t feel like napping. Thanks for the advice on ‘last’ minute planning when dining with friends/business associates! That can be really hard. My husband has the same problem when he has to eat out with office staff!


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