Mondays with Michelle

It’s another Monday! We’re over halfway through our challenge :) Y’all! I am so excited for you to read Michelle’s guest post! I could hardly wait until this morning to post it. I think you’re going to be as excited as I am so let’s catch up with Michelle from

I’m back this week with another Whole30 update. This was my 3rd week – 21 days, just 9 more to go – and I have to say, I am feeling great!

I had read that eating clean would help you sleep better, and truth be told, I didn’t think I had any issue with sleeping.  I get tired, so I go to sleep.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret:  I used to get tired during the day and drive over to the hospital and take a nap in their parking lot.  My midday naps became part of my routine.  But this week, I went over there for my naps twice, and I could not sleep.  Never had that problem.  But now I know why:  I was not tired.  I have great energy now.  I sleep at night and that’s it.  No more nappies during the day.  And with that time and energy I am getting errands done, getting some shopping in, so it doesn’t take away from my family time at night.  Amazing the far-reaching benefits of eating like this.  Who knew?  Not me.

I did have to replenish this week.  So another trip to Trader Joe’s. They had artichokes on the cheap, and we made our own Whole30 mayo to dip them in.  And I tried these yummy little Persian cucumbers.

I was challenged this week when I had to go on a business lunch at Red Robin.  It was a last-minute thing, and I panicked!  I didn’t know what to eat, my boss told me it would be weird if I didn’t eat, so I had to get a plan in place. I ordered a hamburger patty, sliced tomato and avocado, and some fruit.  The second the strawberry got to my mouth, I could smell the sugar, so it was not Whole30 and I ended up not eating it.  They must keep the salad in some syrup or something.  But I was content with my meat and veggies.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my husband (who is doing Whole30 with me) made some Whole30 compliant crepes.  We found the recipe online.  They were very eggy, but the coconut milk, or was it coconut oil?  Can’t remember, but they had a little bit of sweetness and I loved the nuttyness of them.  Topped with fruit, and a side of bacon.  It was the closest thing I’ve had to dessert in weeks.

Through 21 days I have lost 25.8 pounds and my husband has lost 31.2 pounds! I am jealous of his weight loss, but I do notice that I eat more fruits than he does, so that’s probably why.  And men and women lose weight differently.  But all things considered, we are doing really really well. 

I’ll catch you here next week with another update!



Mondays with Michelle

It’s another Monday! We’re over halfway through our challenge :) Y’all! I am so excited for you to read Michelle’s guest post! I could hardly wait until this morning to post it. I think you’re going to be as excited as I am so let’s catch up with Michelle from

Hello, Hello!

I’m back today with my weekly Whole30 update. 13 days in as of writing this Sunday morning and I am ready to leap in to the second half of this thing and get it done!  #likeaboss

I can’t say that I notice anything different about myself.  I feel exactly the same.  I had read that eating this way could help you sleep better, and/or do things with your mood and attitude, but I can’t say any of that is true for me.

I haven’t been craving anything sinful, but I have noticed that the last few days when I see a food commercial I immediately think that that’s the first thing I want to have when I am finished with this 30 days.

I am having trouble with vegetables. And because of that I have been eating more fruits instead, which is more carbs and is not what I should be doing.  But I miss butter.  And ranch dressing.  Cooking vegetables in Ghee (clarified butter), or putting Ghee on them is just not the same as butter.  I find myself hating veggies that I used to love like asparagus and zucchini because of the way they taste now with the Ghee.

This week I want to change that and get back to how I did the first week and get a lot more vegetables back in to my days.

As of today I have lost exactly 20 pounds in my first 13 days. My husband has lost 22 pounds.

They say that you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself and I think part of that is because you will go up and down through all this, and the second week and beyond won’t be near as much as the first week, and you can get frustrated.  I’m OK with 20 pounds in 2 weeks!  Although from yesterday to today I did go up a 1/2 a pound and I did do a lot of walking (for me) yesterday, so that’s a little annoying.  But that’s part of why you shouldn’t weigh.  Because if I hadn’t stepped on the scale the entire 30 days and got to the end and found that I had lost 20 pounds in the month, I’d have been dang happy.  Now that I know I am there, I am expecting that end number to be higher than that.  But I need to weigh.  Because I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT.  My life depends on it.  For real.

I’m so touched by the support that I am getting from so many people.  My co-workers go out to lunch, and I used to go with them, and they are so proud of me.  One fella went to Sonic and offered to bring me back a water with lemons and limes.  It was the greatest drink!  The support from family, friends and social media buddies means a lot and is so encouraging.

Catch you here next week!


Ummm Hello Tuesday & RJ :)

Well hello Tuesday :) I was actually awake this morning when you arrived. I had the chance to catch up with RJ yesterday and check in on his 24 day challenge.

He’s been at this for over 90 days and I wanted to pick his brain a little bit about how’s he has been able to maintain & lose weight consistently.

L: How hard has it been to faithfully log your food for 90 days straight?

RJ: It can be difficult at times to eat healthier, but I use MyFitnessPal as if it was a game. This helps me stay on top of what I eat, which has led me to loosing weight. I don’t have any issues logging in as much as some of my friends have.

L: How do you remember to log in each day? Do have an alarm set for it?

RJ: I don’t have any alarms or anything like that, I just remember to do it. I’ve made logging in part of my day.

L: What has been the moment that’s gotten you most excited along the journey so far?

RJ: I really don’t have one.

L: What is one good habit you’ve developed and one bad habit you’ve kicked?

RJ: Eating better (and less), working out more and drinking more water with meals is definitely a couple of habits I have developed. I have almost quit eating out since the beginning of the year.

So there you have it my’s the old eat healthier, drink water for the win again! Props to RJ for being so consistent. I love it because it motivates me to do better!

How have you been doing? Any good new clean recipes to share?


One Motivated Lemon

Mondays with Michelle

Hey my Lovelies! Say hello to Michelle from  :) She’ll be guest blogging for me on Mondays!

{deep breath}
Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a big, fat girl.  This is where you tell me that I shouldn’t say that about myself.  And I say, “but it’s true.” And it is.  I am obese.  Not like 10 pounds to lose.  Or even 20 or 30 or 40.  I’ve got over 100 pounds to lose.  Over, I said.  For real. Which I realize is a lot more than you girls here doing the fit challenges and whatnot.  But I thought that if I wrote about it “publicly,” that it would help me stay on track. I have tried every diet out there over the years and they all have worked.  For a time.  But nothing sustainable.  And I gain it allllll back.


Recently an online friend was talking about Whole30, and I became interested.  From what I read, Whole30 is not about losing weight, it’s about your relationship with food, and understanding what all the extra ingredients that are in things do to your body.  But there were a lot of rules.


Here’s what you CAN eat:  veggies, poultry, nuts, fish, eggs, fruit, seeds, pork, beef, and healthy fats.


Here’s what you CANNOT eat:  dairy, soy, legumes, grains, sugar, alcohol, starches, and processed food.


Man.  That’s rough.  I love milk.  I love Coca-Cola.  And Cheerios too. But I committed myself – and my husband – to giving it 30 days.


And off I went to shop for my first week….:
I started Whole30 last Monday, April 21. As of this writing (Sunday night), I have lost 14.5 pounds and my husband has lost 16 pounds. That is the ONE Whole30 rule I am breaking – weighing myself.  I am not using this program to lose weight, I want to eat clean and healthy, etc.  But on the flip side, I can’t do something for 30 days and NOT lose weight because of where I am now.  So I have been weighing myself daily.  Up or down, I need to know, it keeps me focused. 


I know those numbers are high, there’s water weight, and remember, big fat people will lose it faster at the beginning as well.  But it’s definitely a motivator to see the numbers going down like that.  And I know they will slow down – but I am happy with the start for sure.


This is a meal for me…..:
Kat’s Week 1 Challenge Questions:
1 – What is your goal for this challenge?
Make it 30 days of clean eating.  And lose some weight.
2 – Where do you hope to be at the end of the challenge?
Smarter about food and its effects on my body.  Motivated to continue the course.
3 – What do you think is going to be the hardest part?
Drinking.  I have been having water and nothing else this entire week.  I like milk and Crystal Light.  Miss those, for sure.

So there you have it.  That’s my journey, and my plan.  But it’s only the beginning.  I’ll have a lot of work to do after this first 30 days.  But what’s that saying?  How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time.  So I’ve taken the first (Whole30 approved) bite.

Catch you here next week!