6 thoughts on “2013 Training Log

  1. Do you mind if I ask you a workout question? I’m fairly new to working out – meaning, I almost died, had major surgery, then gained some weight. I have been using the Couch to 5K app, and now I’m on the 5K to 10K app, and it’s great because it tracks my speed, distances and times. Plus, I’ve lost 30 pounds, with about the last 10 to go. I’m finding the last 10 to be tough!! I watch what I eat, don’t drink, and use weights, too. Do you find that mixing it up really helps? Meaning, I hate gyms and classes. Also, I take rest days. I see that you don’t do that. What is your personal experience about resting days? Thanks, D


  2. Hey D :)
    I love the 5k to 10k app! I use it as well as Nike+. I do take rest days :) You’ll see them noted on my training schedule. THEY ARE CRUCIAL! This is the first year (barring my accident in August) that I’ve been injury free. I’m a firm believer in rest days or light days.

    As far as the last 10lbs..they are a bear! I’ve found that switching up my diet works well. Generally when we’re paying attention to what we eat, we tend to eat the same things a lot because they’re easy to record and such. The first thing I do when I plateau is look at my carb/sugar intake and workout log. I find that the higher my sugar intake the harder the weight is to get off. Increase your water intake and try a detox or cleanse. For a detox, I like to use acai berry because it’s natural. If I do a cleanse, I typically do a juice cleanse. Congrats on losing those 30lbs! What an accomplishment :)

    As far as working out, you want to have some variance :) Mix it up and remix it! I am not typically a fan of working out with other people but I find that if I’m committed to meeting Nancy for a Zumba class I’m more likely to get my workout in. Cardio is the queen of weight-loss. Try something new! I started doing kickboxing because I was a little burnt out on Zumba and yoga. I also took a month break from serious weight training after some great advice from Scott Fishman, a running coach in NYC. His website – teamallamerican.com – is full of great info! If you fill out the runner profile, he’s great about giving you feedback. I noticed a change in my weight immediately after following some tips for him. I also keep a log of my workouts. When I hit a plateau, I like to stop and look over it to see what I can switch up :)

    Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any more questions if you have them :)


  3. It’s free, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys, er –
    I mean kitties. One of the many benefits of regular exercise is increased and sustained energy throughout the day.


    1. So true! That is one of the main reasons I love working out. My energy levels are so much better and I get less frustrated at work if I get my morning workouts in. Great way to start off the day :)


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