Studio Styling

Hey Loves!

I am so excited! I know I keep saying that..but I am! I have a whole room in my new house that’s going to be dedicated as a studio space for me. FINALLY! I have some room to work and spread out. But now comes the to lay it out. I was talking with Michelle from about it and she suggested a great blog hop! Creative Spaces recently featured a ton of amazing ladies and over 152 ideas for creative space! I was in awe.. Here’s the link if you want to check it out!


Here’s a few things I saw that I loved!

Here’s a few ideas I’ve had tucked away on my Pinterest board..

I met Nina a few weeks ago on a trip to the lake and she has an amazing quilting space! She was kind enough to let me invade her studio for a few hours. We talked logistics and how the space works for her for about an hour. She has a fairly non-traditional layout and most of her furniture has been up-cycled! She had a great storage system. She keeps each project in its own storage bin. No more having to hunt for fabric! She said it helps keep everything she needs together in one place. I loooooved that idea! She also up-cycled an old Hoosier cabinet! LOVE THEM!

So what kind of space am I working with? It’s fairly good starter studio! Lots of natural light during the day. I basically stick to 4 major areas of crafting..the biggest space consumer being quilting, then crochet, jewelry making, and lastly my drawing/sketching/painting. I want to utilize my space to the best of my ability..

I’m thinking a large table in the center..drafting table (I found it at the Goodwill 3 years ago for dirt cheap! I love it when they don’t know what they’ve got.) by the window..corkboard and sewing machine on the back wall + quilting supplies (fabric..lots of it & thread). Right side wall will be my graphic design wall. I have a ton of letterpress pieces and type drawers that I’ll mount there. I’m also an origami nerd and collect handmade paper like a boss. I started making my own paper two years ago and hopefully this year (now that I have a large backyard to work in!) I’ll be able to make large sheets.

So my dears! Any suggestions? What’s worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Any favorite storage solution brands you would recommend?


One Studio Styling Lemon


Where is Lemon?

Hello my Lovelies!

It’s been an insane two weeks of my life these past two weeks. Let me bring you up to speed :) 

Week One: It snowed! It’s very rare in my part of the state that we get snow. Typically if we get any each year it’s in February or March as they tend to be our coldest winter months. I was fortunate enough to get two whole days and a half off from work. South Carolinians don’t drive very well in snowy weather…I spent my days off reading, crocheting and catching up on my sleep. February and March are busy months for me a soccer kicks off and it’s the beginning of the bridal season…which means showers, rehearsals, dinners, photo-shoots and dress shopping/fittings. Thankfully this year Lemon is fortunate enough not to have to endure another heinous, awful canary yellow bridesmaid dress. I simply get to go, eat free food and be happy for the lucky couple.

I took a little hiatus from the internet on my off days. As a graphic designer I spend 8-10 hours a day on a computer..pretty much the last thing I want to do when I get home is get back on my computer.

Week Two: We started soccer at the YMCA and I must say we have some great kids this year! They are so excited and ready to play. Always something a coach is looking for. One of the girls on the team asked me how old I was. I told her and she got this shocked look on her face. I guess being 20-something is old to a 4-year-old :) She then asked my why I wasn’t married…I replied and told her maybe I just hadn’t met the right boy yet. She said: “Coach need to date more. Then you can find the right boy, get married and kiss a LOT!”..You can’t refute a 4yr old’s logic :)

Soccer went well. It was bitterly cold and the kids were troopers to last as long as they did.

I spent the next two days curled around my toilet with a nasty case of food poisoning. I won’t gore you / bore you with details but just know..Lemon felt like death.

Finished out the work week. I had the opportunity to work as a runner for the Travis Tritt concert this weekend. It was awesome. I spent the day hanging out backstage with the crew while we loaded in and set up. I’ll be posting more about it tomorrow with some photos :)

Today I headed to the country to attend my cousin-to-be’s bridal shower. (She seriously has one every weekend.) We’re 41 days out from the wedding. I love that she’s joining our family but occasionally her shower’s drive me nuts. I’m a very self-sufficient person and she struggles with boiling water. Her idea of cooking dinner is getting take out and serving it on a plate. But it was a lovely shower. She got a ton of stuff. I’m not sure how they’re going to fit it into their house.

I hate showers. As a single girl, the last thing I freaking want to do is sit around with 8 other girls who are all engaged/married/popping out babies for 2 hours. Have some mercy on us and talk about something other than how cute your husband is or what precious thing he did…gag me….(mini rant complete now)

So that’s where Lemon’s been :) Sorry I’ve been a bit mum these past two weeks.

How have you been my dears? Get any snow lately?



Lament from Lemon

Well hello my dears! The week is young and already I’ve been through the ringer. Yesterday, I was all excited on my way to work. I just knew it was going to be a GREAT Monday! It’s a two-day work week for me and I knew I had most of this week’s projects already knocked out.

Got to work early (a big thing for me on a Monday!) and walked into my office. Sat down at my computer, turned her on and waited for my little fan fare from Apple to play…and waited…and waited..and waited..alas I finally got a white screen (my heart is now racing in fear) with an Apple. This is where every designer/photographer begins to slowly freak out as the realization of the fact that all of your data is saved in one place sets in.

So after going through the boot up in single user, fsck -fy, and all that jazz…(I’ll keep my nerd talk to a minimum). I gave in and called Apple Support.

I was impressed. Jason answered the phone in less than 30 seconds and we were on our way to figuring out the issue. He boiled it down to a OSX error that occurred when it updated last week. So we reinstalled Mountain Lion and he told me to call back if that didn’t work. The “reinstall” took a whopping hour + to do. I crossed my fingers, hit restart and boom I was at the login screen. WHEW!!!

I thought I was golden…..worked flawlessly for an hour…..then……

Macadamia DIED!!!!!! {I name all my computers..} the white screen of apple death returned…and I got really worried. So back to Apple Support I go. This time it took 9:47 for an operator to pick up. Apparently everyone’s computers/iPhones/iPad and such get hinky around the holidays. Benjamin assisted me this time and his diagnosis was a hardware issue. He then told me it would be 24-48 hours before an outside company would call to schedule a maintenance appointment with me..

HELLLLLLOOOOO! I do not have 4 days to wait for my computer to get fixed…she needs to be fixed like yesterday..

Hence the genius of two girls..My boss and I looked at each other and I said..why can’t I just take it to the apple store? By this time it was 2pm and I knew that I could be to either one in less than 2 hours. So upon approval of the head honcho boss-o, I loaded up my Mac Pro tower and off to the City Apple we went.

You know you have a serious computer when you walk in and everyone pauses…(or they were amazed that this kid had enough muscle to carry it..)

The Apple fellow asked me what I did because “normal people don’t buy these computers” (my mom laughed..of course I would be labeled as non-normal). Upon looking at poor Macadamia his verdict was even worse. Both hard-drives were “shot” and the power supply was shot. (WAAAAHHHH)

I accepted my doom and gloom and asked politely how long it would take to fix her. Of course it will be like a week..apparently no nerds work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday..really dudes? This is a level 5 emergency for this kid..

But…I am a very calm person..I simply said alright. I appreciate your time, please take good care of my baby (yes I said that!) and have a wonderful Thanksgiving (slight hint of sarcasm..).

Now I’m slumming it on our old computer..refreshing my memory on good ole CS4..and lamenting on how lame it is that I can’t have everything now now now.. :)

But, in the midst of my lament, I’m thankful for…

1 • Apple people who can save my data..all 13 months and 300+ projects worth

2 • A boss who let me take it yesterday, putting us on the road to recovery faster :)

3 • Awesome people at Apple who act like our problems are as big as we think they are :)

4 • Post Apple mayhem dinner with my adorable little brother and I got to hear all about his new girl interest (who I must say I’m liking so far!).

5 • Making it home safely :)


One Lamenting Lemon

Friday Finish

Dear Friday,
I’m so glad to see you! I’ve been so tired this week. Changes in the wind have stressed me out but I’m trying to remain calm. I know God has a plan for my future which is beyond what I can imagine right now.

Dear Leg,
I’m sorry for pushing you too hard. I promise to do a better job of listening to what you’re telling me.

Dear Doc,
Thank you for understanding me. Being a former athlete yourself you get my intense craving to train and push boundaries. Thanks for the electroshock therapy on my poor leg :) it feels great. Glad my neck is almost healed from the accident! You’re amazing.

Dear Sister,
I’m I excited you’re home for the summer so I get to see you more. However it aggravates me when you are rude to me. Can we work on that a bit please?

Dear AT,
You’re amazing :) and I’m so glad I get hangout with you each week. Thanks for your encouragement!

Dear Future Hubby,
This week has been hard. I’m ready to meet you and spend time with you. I’ve prayed for you this week. Prayed for your protection, and for you to feel loved.

Dear Boys,
Hanging out with you renews my spirit. I love getting to spend time with you :) glad you let me play video games even though we all know I stink reallllllly reaaaally badly.

Dear Body,
Thanks for working hard to get healthy. It’s been a long hard year but were almost there :) we’re emotionally healthy, spiritually healthy, and soon to be at goal weight healthy!!! Keep up the hard work.

Dear Me,
You’re more beautiful than you think :) 💗