The 24 Day Challenge Begins!

Welcome to the 24 Day Challenge! Meet our contestants :) I asked each of the girls & RJ to share 3 things for this challenge. 1 – What is your goal for this challenge? 2 – Where do you hope to be at the end of the challenge? 3 – What do you think isContinue reading “The 24 Day Challenge Begins!”

My Journey from Fattie to Fittie!

In Dec 2011, I decided enough with the couch potato routine. I was the girl who somehow thought eating only two scoops of ice cream instead of four was healthy. I constantly had migraines, stomach cramps, felt tired, struggled with stairs and need I say was not happy with my life. I decided that IContinue reading “My Journey from Fattie to Fittie!”

Weight Watchers Marketing Review

With over 108 million people on diets each year it’s not shocking that Weight Watchers is rolling out a new advertising campaign. However, I’m a little disturbed by the new Weight Watchers commercials. They have consistently used “celebrity” women to endorse their company. Names such as Jessica Simpson twirling in the sun & Jennifer HudsonContinue reading “Weight Watchers Marketing Review”