Get #PoweredbyBits!

I was curious to find out what this #poweredbybits trend was on Twitter. After inquiring with several other runners who use ENERGYbits, I learned that I was missing out! ENERGYbits sent me a sample to try and I’m in love! I feel more alert, energized and spunky. I used them on Thanksgiving for my Turkey Trot Race  to see what kind of difference it would make. I was amazed! I felt great starting the race and had energy all the way through. No dragging yourself in at the finish. I also had my second PR! They’ve got a great holiday special going right now that I wanted to share with you :)

Looking for a gift for the athlete in your life? 


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One Powered by Bits Lemon :)

Some more info about these awesome bits :)


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Lament from Lemon

Well hello my dears! The week is young and already I’ve been through the ringer. Yesterday, I was all excited on my way to work. I just knew it was going to be a GREAT Monday! It’s a two-day work week for me and I knew I had most of this week’s projects already knocked out.

Got to work early (a big thing for me on a Monday!) and walked into my office. Sat down at my computer, turned her on and waited for my little fan fare from Apple to play…and waited…and waited..and waited..alas I finally got a white screen (my heart is now racing in fear) with an Apple. This is where every designer/photographer begins to slowly freak out as the realization of the fact that all of your data is saved in one place sets in.

So after going through the boot up in single user, fsck -fy, and all that jazz…(I’ll keep my nerd talk to a minimum). I gave in and called Apple Support.

I was impressed. Jason answered the phone in less than 30 seconds and we were on our way to figuring out the issue. He boiled it down to a OSX error that occurred when it updated last week. So we reinstalled Mountain Lion and he told me to call back if that didn’t work. The “reinstall” took a whopping hour + to do. I crossed my fingers, hit restart and boom I was at the login screen. WHEW!!!

I thought I was golden…..worked flawlessly for an hour…..then……

Macadamia DIED!!!!!! {I name all my computers..} the white screen of apple death returned…and I got really worried. So back to Apple Support I go. This time it took 9:47 for an operator to pick up. Apparently everyone’s computers/iPhones/iPad and such get hinky around the holidays. Benjamin assisted me this time and his diagnosis was a hardware issue. He then told me it would be 24-48 hours before an outside company would call to schedule a maintenance appointment with me..

HELLLLLLOOOOO! I do not have 4 days to wait for my computer to get fixed…she needs to be fixed like yesterday..

Hence the genius of two girls..My boss and I looked at each other and I said..why can’t I just take it to the apple store? By this time it was 2pm and I knew that I could be to either one in less than 2 hours. So upon approval of the head honcho boss-o, I loaded up my Mac Pro tower and off to the City Apple we went.

You know you have a serious computer when you walk in and everyone pauses…(or they were amazed that this kid had enough muscle to carry it..)

The Apple fellow asked me what I did because “normal people don’t buy these computers” (my mom laughed..of course I would be labeled as non-normal). Upon looking at poor Macadamia his verdict was even worse. Both hard-drives were “shot” and the power supply was shot. (WAAAAHHHH)

I accepted my doom and gloom and asked politely how long it would take to fix her. Of course it will be like a week..apparently no nerds work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday..really dudes? This is a level 5 emergency for this kid..

But…I am a very calm person..I simply said alright. I appreciate your time, please take good care of my baby (yes I said that!) and have a wonderful Thanksgiving (slight hint of sarcasm..).

Now I’m slumming it on our old computer..refreshing my memory on good ole CS4..and lamenting on how lame it is that I can’t have everything now now now.. :)

But, in the midst of my lament, I’m thankful for…

1 • Apple people who can save my data..all 13 months and 300+ projects worth

2 • A boss who let me take it yesterday, putting us on the road to recovery faster :)

3 • Awesome people at Apple who act like our problems are as big as we think they are :)

4 • Post Apple mayhem dinner with my adorable little brother and I got to hear all about his new girl interest (who I must say I’m liking so far!).

5 • Making it home safely :)


One Lamenting Lemon

Thankful Thursday :)

So much to be thankful for today on Thankful Thursday!

1 • Beautiful Rides Home

I have about a 50 minute commute to work each way everyday..and some days I really don’t see anything on my way home. But I got quite the treat this week! A new watercolor every night it seems..these sunsets put me in awe of my creator and His handiwork!

2 • New Makeup!

My face has been acting like a teenager recently..(mid-20’s probs). I’ve never had breakouts this bad..I’m sure you’re thinking TMI! But I realized I hadn’t been throwing away my makeup like I should. As a theater nerd, my stage makeup teacher engrained it in our heads to chunk every 3 months, never use a sponge twice and always use disposable mascara wands. Needless to say..when the budget gets tight makeup seems like a trivial expense. So I threw away all my makeup, bought new sponges & applicator wands and cleaned the tar out of my brushes. I’ve been looking a bit like Rudolph lately (all the running outside I suppose). I went to Clinique to grab some redness reduction makeup. I found out they have a new cleanser! It’s hard for me to find a cleanser I can use due to my sulfate allergy. I LOVE IT! My face feels 300x better and I am already seeing an improvement.

3 • Office Organization // Pens

I have been stressed out a ton lately and I realized my room and office clutter were getting to my head. So this weekend I tackled my room and yesterday I tackled my office. It’s amazing how many pens one girl can have…

4 • Hand Me Down Sweaters

My mom recently gave me a bag of sweaters that she bought but has never worn. I’m digging them! They’re a bit out of my norm but it’s made my outfits become a bit more creative :) Today I’m rocking a teal and silver striped sweater with corduroy jeans (a steal at $1.98 at Old Navy last year!) paired with some insane blue eyeshadow :)

5 • Best Friends :)

I’m thankful for the big guy in that photo! This year marks our 4th year of being friends and I can’t believe that he’ll be leaving me in about 3 weeks! He’s graduating and it is going to be a bittersweet day for me as my little brother will be graduating as well. Cody has been the thorn in my side, my go to guy, my lunch buddy and just about the best guy friend a girl could ask for :) This week I got to watch him receive the Leadership Legacy Award and I was so proud of him! He has done huge things at our alma mater as an undergrad and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do as an alum.

So what are you thankful for this week? That Thanksgiving is next week!? Anxiously awaiting Christmas?