To The Stranger I Met Today…

To the stranger I met today….

Thank you. Thank you for seeing the sad girl in the grocery store. She was trying to be invisible decked out in a messy bun and sweats because she was having a rough day and couldn’t bear to put makeup on. A girl hiding because calculating her groceries because she only has a limited budget sometimes embarrasses her.

Thank you for looking past her shield of sweat pants armor.

Thank you.

Thank you for seeing a girl who needed someone to talk to her today. Who needed someone to see that she wasn’t invisible. Who needed to feel like she mattered in the world.

What you didn’t know was that she was struggling today. She was having a rough day, a rough week, a rough month, a rough life. She endured a harsh tear down last night from someone close to her. She felt small, she felt like a failure, she felt despair, she felt like quitting.

But all you saw was a sad girl and you did something so small. So insignificant to anyone watching. But to her it was huge.

You squeezed her shoulder, smiled, waved and said hi.

Your smile, made her smile. Your hi, made her feel visible. Your wave made her day.

So thank you. I’ve never met you before, and probably never will again, but today you made an invisible girl feel like someone cared.

And that felt good.


One Roughing It Out Lemon


HELP!! Runner Woes

Help Help! I’m having running issues and they’re annoying me! Somebody help me out. I’ve been training for my first 10K and I seem to have a few kinks to work out….

Problem #1 – My heart rate…

I’ve been having problems with my breathing. My time is getting faster and distance is better but I literally run out of air. My legs don’t hurt but my heart feels like it’s coming out of my chest. This week I decided to see what was going on. I borrowed my brother’s running watch and this is what I discovered. When I start struggling for air my heart rate is at 211+. This week when I started struggling it was at 204, 206, 211, 216..should I be concerned about this?


Problem #2 – Ummm…I need to pee…

So embarrassingly enough my second problem is being able to run longer than 1-1.5 miles without having to pee so bad it hurts. Mind you I go before I start and I try not to drink a lot in the hour leading up to my run. Suggestions?


Problem #3 – I’m heating up

My body temperature spikes about 15-20 degrees when I run. Is this normal? I’m thinking that my heart rate being so high could be causing this.


So my seasoned runners..any suggestions for this 10K newbie?


XoXo ~ Lemon