Single Blues..Let’s Beat ‘Em!

Wahoooo! It’s finally almost here : ) 25 days till Christmas! I am extremely excited! Holidays mean I get to puppy sit :) A LOT! This year is especially exciting as I’ve added some new clients to my list. Lots of rescue dogs whose parents are anti-kennel-ing while their gone. I am a HUGE fanContinue reading “Single Blues..Let’s Beat ‘Em!”

High Five for Friday!

This week has been crazy, stressful and amazing :) I was glad to see Friday roll around again! Here’s your High Five for Friday this week :) 1 – Tuesday night at soccer, one of my kids was covered in stickers. He’s the most precious blonde headed boy ever and every time he ran byContinue reading “High Five for Friday!”

Thankful Thursday!

It’s time for the happiest day of the week in my opinion! Thankful Thursday link ups with Crystal Michelle and Jenna Rae make my Thursdays :) 1 ~ Thankful for Doctors! One of the blessing of being single is that I have opportunities that some married couples don’t always get. I’m able to pour intoContinue reading “Thankful Thursday!”