Life is good..

Hello my lovelies! Life is good :) This past week has been amazing! I’ve never had so much fun in one week. I might be slightly exhausted as I’ve secretly been staying up past my bed time. But you’re only young once right! I’ve just finished a 4 mile run!!! The longest run I’ve doneContinue reading “Life is good..”

Butterbeer Starbucks? Say what…

Hello my dear lovelies! It’s a fabulously, ridiculously cold Friday in South Carolina..and that calls for something warm to drink. I thought I’d share a few “Starbucks Secret Menu” items with you today :) Enjoy! ~ One Slightly Starbucks Obsessed Lemon :)  

Hacks from a Starbucks Barista :)

Hello my dears! This morning I’ve got a post about a few Starbucks “hacks” for you from an anonymous barista :) Hello Lemon’s Lovelies! Now, I know as a rule frugal people don’t buy Starbucks drinks. But say you’re in a hurry and you need a caffeine fix, or you’re a tea junkie like meContinue reading “Hacks from a Starbucks Barista :)”

High Five for Friday!

IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!! I’m excited it’s the first Friday of 2014! That means it’s time for the #HF4F link up with Lauren Elizabeth! Here’s my High Five for Friday! 1 • Coffee Dates :) I have loved meeting up with my friends new and old this winter over a cup of coffee. I’m a hugeContinue reading “High Five for Friday!”