Get #PoweredbyBits!

I was curious to find out what this #poweredbybits trend was on Twitter. After inquiring with several other runners who use ENERGYbits, I learned that I was missing out! ENERGYbits sent me a sample to try and I’m in love! I feel more alert, energized and spunky. I used them on Thanksgiving for my TurkeyContinue reading “Get #PoweredbyBits!”

Running Safe..not scared

I did it..I committed a running faux pas yesterday. I ran in all black, with headphones in, changed my route and didn’t tell anybody..yes I did. But the little mini-me rebel got taught a lesson. I had a bit of a scary run yesterday. I run the same four routes the majority of the timeContinue reading “Running Safe..not scared”

To Recovery Run or Not to Recovery Run…

You’re in the middle of training and you feel great! The legs are pumping, blood is flowing and you’re on top of the mountain. Then you hit the wall of lactic acid and muscle cramps.. What’s a girl to do? I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about recovery runs and I decided to delveContinue reading “To Recovery Run or Not to Recovery Run…”

Well Darling :) It’s been a year!

I can’t believe it :) It’s been a year since I ran my first 5K! What a crazy awesome year of running it’s been :) I’ve run some cool races, seen lots of new faces and enjoyed every (well almost every) minute of it. I couldn’t have done it without my brother cheering me on.Continue reading “Well Darling :) It’s been a year!”