High Five for Friday..not feeling it today..

It’s Friday..whew..I made it. This week has been a struggle my lovelies. I’ve had to apologize to multiple people for my attitude and rudeness. I’m tired, I’m stressed out, I’m broken..yep broken. I feel like I fell off of a cliff and smashed into the water. These past six weeks of talking with James haveContinue reading “High Five for Friday..not feeling it today..”

Watch out for that….TREEEEEEEE!

Good Morning My Lovelies :) Do you ever have moments in life where you just chuckle? I had one last night..it’s slightly embarrassing but I’m going to tell you anyway.  I missed my #runch yesterday for a spur of the moment lunch date with my cousin. So much fun to hangout with her. (Even ifContinue reading “Watch out for that….TREEEEEEEE!”

Snapping Tuesday

Hey Lovelies! It has been a day let me tell you… It all started when my alarm went off this morning..then went off again..then went off yet again. How I’m sleeping through the annoying thing I have no clue. But I was running 10mts behind and little mini me was yelling “No! Stay in bed…smmhhhhContinue reading “Snapping Tuesday”

2014 Running Goals

This has been a bit tricky! I struggled to knock the end of 2013 out, but alas..the limbs and joints are feeling better than ever. So time for me to get to it! My running goals for 2014: 1 – Run consistently! I want to put in at least 3 good runs a week. PushingContinue reading “2014 Running Goals”