To All My Single Ladies….

Hello My Lovelies! How are you my darlings? I’m better! I’ve dried my sniffles, thrown out the empty gelato containers and dusted my Cheetos covered booty off.  Whew. Breakups suck! Really…they do. I don’t know how you handle them but for’s Netflix and running, chocolate and tea, and a whole lot of nose blowing….

My Word for 2014

I’d never heard of Mike Ashcraft and My One Word before this year. After reading more about it, I decided that it was something I needed to do. STEP 1: Determine the kind of person you want to become I want to become a beautiful, delightful woman of God. After struggling for so long these…

To The Best 1st Date Ever

Dear Best 1st Date Ever, Thank You :) I had given up hope that guys like you existed. I was tired of the endless disappointments, the boring dinners and the lame excuses. I was pleasantly surprised when you called and asked me to dinner. I didn’t know that guys knew how to do that anymore….