I ain’t ever seen an elephant fly..but I seen a Giraffe fight!

Hey Lovelies! Don’t you just love a good Youtube video? I saw one last night that baffled my mind! A Giraffe fight..I’ve always been in awe of the giraffe. It’s an amazing creature. While living overseas, I had the opportunity to go on a sight seeing tour of the Fathala Game Reserve. It was one…

The Most Epic Christmas Card

Meet the most epic Christmas card :) Hope this makes you giggle! Too hilarious right? Now I want to go make a movie in my Christmas pjs!   XoXo! One PJ Jamming Lemon

Oh Those Germans..

I have always found languages to be fascinating! I speak 3 and I was amazed at the sounds of the German language when I traveled to Germany 3 years ago. Thought this video was a neat way to show how different one word can sound.

From the Backrow

As I sit here this morning enjoying my blissful peace and quiet, I thought I’d share some of my favorite quotes  from some vivacious 3 & 4 year olds this week….. I like “salad and sketti”  ~  Charlie :) God gave us good stuff to drink like water..AND MILLER LIGHT! ~ Charley I told my…