Finally Friday!

Whew! My loves it’s been a crazy life these past few weeks. I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! Hurray! This weekend holds one of my favorite events of the Fall season!! Merry Marketplace :) It’s put on by our Junior League and they do a FABULOUS job with it. I worked the preview night lastContinue reading “Finally Friday!”

Mondays with Michelle

It’s another Monday! We’re over halfway through our challenge :) Y’all! I am so excited for you to read Michelle’s guest post! I could hardly wait until this morning to post it. I think you’re going to be as excited as I am so let’s catch up with Michelle from Hello, Hello! I’m backContinue reading “Mondays with Michelle”

Mondays with Michelle

Hey my Lovelies! Say hello to Michelle from  :) She’ll be guest blogging for me on Mondays! {deep breath} Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a big, fat girl.  This is where you tell me that I shouldn’t say that about myself.  And I say, “but it’s true.” And it is.  I am obese.  NotContinue reading “Mondays with Michelle”

2014 Running Goals

This has been a bit tricky! I struggled to knock the end of 2013 out, but alas..the limbs and joints are feeling better than ever. So time for me to get to it! My running goals for 2014: 1 – Run consistently! I want to put in at least 3 good runs a week. PushingContinue reading “2014 Running Goals”