Playing Hooky :)

Hello My Dears!

So I have a confession to make..I played hooky this weekend. Yep, I did. I don’t often take time off for myself but with weddings, bridal showers, work and soccer consuming my weekends until May I figured this was my last weekend of me time before the chaos sets in.

I stole one of my best friends away from her sweet boyfriend Saturday afternoon :) He was left with strict instructions that the house better be clean when I brought her back. After a run through Starbucks for our current obsession, Iced Tazo Green Teas (no water, 2 pumps Classic), we were off to Columbia to watch the University of South Carolina Gamecocks take on the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

It was a great day to be on the road. Totally sunny and warm! A blessing after this snow-apocalypse we just endured last week.

I scored some great seats off of Scorebig + with my Amazon local coupon, I got $40 worth of tickets for $9 bucks :) So essentially it cost us $4.50 a ticket..hello! That’s a steal. We had great seats behind the basket. Far enough up to be able to see all the action but not so high your nose bleeds :)

We grabbed dinner before the game at D’s. One of our favorite local spots to eat in Cola. Family owned and operated, it’s an amazing hole in the wall. Don’ t judge it until you’ve tried the food! I got a Honey Bacon Spinach Salad with warm honey mustard dressing (homemade to boot!). We splurged a little and ordered fried pickles..they were off the chain! D’s is always a great experience whether you’re a Gamecock or a Tiger :) Occasionally, you’ll even find some Gamecock players hanging around in there :)

We made it to the game about 4 minutes after jump ball. Not bad for us :) It was a crazy good game! The Cocks and Tide battled it out with the largest lead being 12pts. Most of the game they remained 3-6pts apart. Unfortunately, we didn’t get our nachos before the game ended..but hey..we saved ourselves some calories! It’s always fun to be trapped in the car with your bestie for a few hours. With our work schedules, school, boys and life we don’t get quite as much quality time as we used too. But! We make the most of it when we do :)

:) Playing Hooky is fun (: