Weekend Wrap Up ~ Blame it on the books…

Hello Lovelies! This weekend has been CRAZY fun and busy! Friday night I headed to our local Co-Op for craft night. It has been so much fun hanging out with fellow crafters. I finally found some new friends :) I enjoy munching on goodies and chatting with other crafty ladies. I took some yarn withContinue reading “Weekend Wrap Up ~ Blame it on the books…”

Studio Styling

Hey Loves! I am so excited! I know I keep saying that..but I am! I have a whole room in my new house that’s going to be dedicated as a studio space for me. FINALLY! I have some room to work and spread out. But now comes the challenge..how to lay it out. I wasContinue reading “Studio Styling”

DIY Crochet Head Band

I’ve been slighty obsessed with crocheted headbands this year :) I must admit I bought one before attempting to make one. After examining the stitch pattern I realized I could probably make one myself. I have a ton of yarn hanging around my house..I’m a sucker for a good sale at Hobby Lobby. So IContinue reading “DIY Crochet Head Band”