Weekend Wrap Up ~ Blame it on the books…

Hello Lovelies!

This weekend has been CRAZY fun and busy! Friday night I headed to our local Co-Op for craft night. It has been so much fun hanging out with fellow crafters. I finally found some new friends :) I enjoy munching on goodies and chatting with other crafty ladies.

I took some yarn with me and about ten patterns. Have I mentioned that I really hate patterns? I much prefer freestyle crocheting. After three attempts at following the pattern, I gave up and just went for it.

I think my slouchy beanie turned out okay :)

Saturday morning I headed back to the Co-Op for my first Intro to Beekeeping class. Yes! You read that right..I have a slight obsession with honey bees :) I’ve always been curious about honey bees. I blame it on my childhood obsession with Winnie the Pooh and the fact that I could eat honey all day everyday.

I recently read a series of books, The Bella Vista Chronicles by Susan Wiggs, about a female beekeeper/chef. If you haven’t read them, I encourage you to! It’s a fabulous series about family, love and healing. It follows stolen artwork and the journey of the underground Polish resistance during the Nazi regime. It was a fascinating read! I couldn’t put it down. As an art lover, bee enthusiast, sister, and history lover it hit every interest I have. Included in each book are fabulous recipes featuring honey!


Our class was taught by a local beekeeper. He’s been keeping bees for over 20 years and I am excited to learn more! Our class will take about 8 months, but at the end I’ll be a South Carolina certified Beekeeper!

Why am I so interested in bees (aside from the previously stated reasons)? Without the mighty little honey bee, we would live in a world without fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.

Nearly one-third of the world’s crops are dependent on honeybees for pollination, but over the last decade the cute little honey bee has been dying at unprecedented rate in both the United States and abroad. EEEKKKK! So I’m going to help with that :)

But where are you going to keep bees, you ask. Well..I thought about that. Some will be going on the farm. Did you know that adding beehives to your farm can help increase your production yield? Last year, a cotton farmer rented bees from Mr. Phillip and his yield increased 11%! Craziness!!

But after going through our first class and talking with Mr. Phillip, I realized my backyard is perfect! There’s all the foods and resources bees need hanging out back there. I’ve got oak trees, blueberry bushes, asters, milkweed, a swimming pool (they get thirsty), an apple tree and more! Boom Sauce! (I’m beyond excited about this in case that isn’t translating through!)

I met a new friend at Bible Study last week. She texted yesterday and we met up at church to sit together. It’s so nice to have a familiar face to sit with :)

Now I’m settling in to finish up some homework. This semester and I just aren’t gelling very well. So I’m doing a little bit of homework and then crocheting a little…it’s like rewarding yourself for surviving in my opinion..

Here’s what I whipped up tonight during homework breaks..


One Soon-to-Be Beekeeping Lemon


Studio Styling

Hey Loves!

I am so excited! I know I keep saying that..but I am! I have a whole room in my new house that’s going to be dedicated as a studio space for me. FINALLY! I have some room to work and spread out. But now comes the challenge..how to lay it out. I was talking with Michelle from michellephilippi.com about it and she suggested a great blog hop! Creative Spaces recently featured a ton of amazing ladies and over 152 ideas for creative space! I was in awe.. Here’s the link if you want to check it out! http://www.papercraftsconnection.com/blog/2014/06/creative-spaces-vol-3-blog-hop/


Here’s a few things I saw that I loved!

Here’s a few ideas I’ve had tucked away on my Pinterest board..

I met Nina a few weeks ago on a trip to the lake and she has an amazing quilting space! She was kind enough to let me invade her studio for a few hours. We talked logistics and how the space works for her for about an hour. She has a fairly non-traditional layout and most of her furniture has been up-cycled! She had a great storage system. She keeps each project in its own storage bin. No more having to hunt for fabric! She said it helps keep everything she needs together in one place. I loooooved that idea! She also up-cycled an old Hoosier cabinet! LOVE THEM!

So what kind of space am I working with? It’s fairly good starter studio! Lots of natural light during the day. I basically stick to 4 major areas of crafting..the biggest space consumer being quilting, then crochet, jewelry making, and lastly my drawing/sketching/painting. I want to utilize my space to the best of my ability..

I’m thinking a large table in the center..drafting table (I found it at the Goodwill 3 years ago for dirt cheap! I love it when they don’t know what they’ve got.) by the window..corkboard and sewing machine on the back wall + quilting supplies (fabric..lots of it & thread). Right side wall will be my graphic design wall. I have a ton of letterpress pieces and type drawers that I’ll mount there. I’m also an origami nerd and collect handmade paper like a boss. I started making my own paper two years ago and hopefully this year (now that I have a large backyard to work in!) I’ll be able to make large sheets.

So my dears! Any suggestions? What’s worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Any favorite storage solution brands you would recommend?


One Studio Styling Lemon

DIY Crochet Head Band

I’ve been slighty obsessed with crocheted headbands this year :) I must admit I bought one before attempting to make one. After examining the stitch pattern I realized I could probably make one myself. I have a ton of yarn hanging around my house..I’m a sucker for a good sale at Hobby Lobby. So I set off to make my first attempt.

What I learned…

It’s not as easy as it looks. I couldn’t get my v to v and it ended up being squared off instead of the v shape I wanted.

You might want to make sure you have enough yarn. I eyeballed mine and ran out at the 75% complete mark.

But! It took Thomas Edison more than one try with the lightbulb so I shall keep trying till I get it right :)

Here’s the pattern I was working from :) {found on http://4tdesignscrochetheadwrappattern.blogspot.com/}

I tried again! (With a square pattern..) Got the most perfect 2nd try headband. I was using an amazing yarn I bought on a trip to Myrtle Beach a few months ago. It’s smoother than a baby’s butt and glides through your fingers. There’s a lovely little shop tucked away that is home to the dearest little ladies and the best yarns around. It’s called Island Knits if you’re ever close by stop in! I bought two of the salmoncoral color and I wish I’d bought more.

Here’s a looksy at my headband. I’ve only to finish making the flower for the top and add the button :)

PS: Baby O is growing like a weed! Had lunch with his adorable self yesterday. I was so excited to see him wrapped in his bubble blanket that Aunt Kat made :) I always wonder if the crocheted blankets I make get used. His mom told me it was by far his fav :) YAY!


One Crocheting Lemon

Island Knits :) Vacay Part 2

Vacation Part 2! I love the beach, from walking on the marsh walk to catching waves nothing beats it. A few years ago (okay really like 2009), I found a little shop tucked away in Pawley’s Island. I’ve been crocheting since I was old enough to sit on my Nanny’s knee and learn. I picked back up with it in high school when my best friend got into it. I love yarn! I’m a slight yarn hoarder of all colors, blends and weights.

I dragged my mom along with me this time to see Ms. Penny and the crew. I was in search of a yarn I bought a few years ago to use as the boarder on my afghan. I could spend hours talking to Ms. Penny! She offers lessons for $5 an hour. They are so fun! She has this big table and we all sit around and chat and just have the best time!

I was looking for a white baby yarn. I inevitably got 3/4 of the way through a baby blanket and ran out.. I’m horrible about judging how much I need. But they saved the day again and I got a lecture about buying appropriate amounts :)

I spent my vacation relaxing by the pool and crocheting. I know I’m not a grandma yet but it’s so relaxing. Baby H is going to be warm and snugly this winter! It was such a fun pattern to use. I chose the Blackberry Stripe Pattern and modified it. His blanket it all bubbly on one side :) Finished it the night before his momma’s baby shower.

What about you? What’s your favorite way to unwind on vacation?


One Tan Lemon