Leaping Lizards! Can you believe it! I can’t….Christmas is only 8 days away! OH ME! OH MY! I THINK I MIGHT CRY!!! OHHHHHH!! I have sooo much to do between now and then! I’ve got too..finish wrapping presents, BAKE COOKIEEEEEEEEESSSSSS, make a blanket, finish two quilts, crochet a scarf, wash a smelly dog, house sit,Continue reading “8 LIZARDS LEAPING!”

Thankful Thursday!

It’s Thursday already? My where has the time gone this week! 1 – I’m so thankful for the men and women who choose to fight for our country. This week I had the privilege to photograph a commissioning ceremony for Lt. Evans. He is one of 5,000 that will be commissioned into the United StatesContinue reading “Thankful Thursday!”

Christmas Spectacular: The Truth About Santa

  Well I’m a day behind with my Christmas Spectacular post but better late than never! (if you are tiny and love Santa banana..SKIP THIS POST!) I’ll never forget the year I figured it out. I only wanted one item from Santa. Just one! I’d written and re-written my letter in my best-est of handwriting.Continue reading “Christmas Spectacular: The Truth About Santa”

Isn’t it wonderful..

Isn’t it wonderful when someone shares something or says something that blesses you when you’re having a crappy morning? I’ve really struggled this weekend. It seems like I’m surrounded by a million people but I’ve never felt so alone. I feel gray and dreary..my heart is sad, I feel as if loneliness has seeped intoContinue reading “Isn’t it wonderful..”