Hacks from a Starbucks Barista :)

Hello my dears! This morning I’ve got a post about a few Starbucks “hacks” for you from an anonymous barista :) Hello Lemon’s Lovelies! Now, I know as a rule frugal people don’t buy Starbucks drinks. But say you’re in a hurry and you need a caffeine fix, or you’re a tea junkie like meContinue reading “Hacks from a Starbucks Barista :)”

High Five for Friday!

This week has been crazy, stressful and amazing :) I was glad to see Friday roll around again! Here’s your High Five for Friday this week :) 1 – Tuesday night at soccer, one of my kids was covered in stickers. He’s the most precious blonde headed boy ever and every time he ran byContinue reading “High Five for Friday!”