This is modern fairytale…


Once upon a time, a beautiful princess lived in a city. Sadly in the city, princes were scarce and those pretending to be turned out to be frogs. She walked the city day after day, wondering if she would ever find such a man as the rumored Prince Charming seemed to be.

Frustrated one evening after meeting yet again another prince who turned out to be a frog, she went to her friend’s castle to lament about the state of their fair city. The other maidens of the castle agreed with her sad tale of woe. Upon such sadness did they decided to travel about the countryside. Out of the town they went, determined to clear their minds of these dreadful frogs.

Upon a small place did they stop to dine and rest their weary horses. As they listened to the music of the night, the princess was approached by what she thought must surely be a frog in disguise. One of the maidens gave vouch to his character, but the princess was not so easily swayed. Yet, as the night wore on…what she thought was a frog…began to strangely look like a prince..could it be? Was there one fair prince hiding in the midst of the city walls?

The night ended and the princess ran off to her castle..leaving the prince quite distraught because he had yet to ask for a number upon which to call the princess by.

The other maidens fair, began to dabble and play as only cupid would. They conspired to reunite the prince and the princess. Subtle (not subtle) hints were thrown, a through some twist of fate her number traveled through hands until one day the prince inquired of the princess if he might call on her. Hesitantly she agreed and traveled on her trusty steed.

Again she was wary…having had unpleasant experience, after unpleasant experience with toads will do that to a girl. But alas…the night was full of surprises. For never once did she feel the dread that usually crept upon her soul…instead her heart was full and happy as she daintily sipped her tea. Wonders began to run through her head, and she quickly tried to put them to bed. Yet as the night wore on, she felt sadness creep upon her when the end came near. But the promise of another night with the prince she held dear.

Anxiously, she awaited for the night to come. She worried of what to wear, how to do her hair..a week later (though to her like a fortnight did it feel) the night drew near. She twiddled and twitched as she awaited for the arrival of the prince. Never had anyone offered to pick her up before…it was a night of surprise she would soon discover…for whence the prince arrived upon her door, his arms were laden with roses red. In twenty years of living, never had anyone been so sweet or brought the princess such delightful treats. Twas a night to remember and one she’ll never soon forget. For as they left her castle, the prince escorted her to the carriage at which he halted and opened up the door. Her heart began skipping beats, for never had she experienced anything as sweet. Never had one been so kind as the prince was to her that night. As they traveled the city fair, sampling food, and enjoying the night, not once did she have any fear, only a peace and a joy she held near…for finally the princess felt as if she were a brilliant beauty to behold…a treasure….and treasure her he did…

Sadly, the clock struck 12 and the evening came to an end..but not without the promise that he would see her once again :)


One Treasured Lemon


Finally Friday!

Whew! My loves it’s been a crazy life these past few weeks. I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! Hurray! This weekend holds one of my favorite events of the Fall season!! Merry Marketplace :) It’s put on by our Junior League and they do a FABULOUS job with it.

I worked the preview night last night as one of my friends is the president elect for next year. It was such fun!! I had a great time meeting the vendors and getting to know them. There’s a precious Italian couple this year and he kept me in stitches all night..My sides hurt from laughing so much. They were just as sweet as could be :) I hope I’m that cute when I’m old..geez!

I got off my pity party bandwagon..I know you thought I’d never get my behind back in gear but I did! I’ve been working out steady these past few weeks and those extra lbs are coming off. I went to my doctor because I was concerned about my extreme mood swings and upset stomach. I learned that I was in-taking less than 25% of the amount of protein I should be wonder my body was shutting down! He suggested an amount for me to shoot for and it’s been challenging. I can tell you that I already fell a huge difference! My mind is sharper and I can make it through the day without being completely wiped out at 3pm.

I started going to a new church. I’ve really struggled with this the past year. I find a church and then their beliefs don’t line up with mine. I’m concerned that maybe I’m being too knit picky? But yet I feel I shouldn’t settle on what I believe.

My house is coming along..although I still haven’t officially moved seems like it will never be done..BUT! We’re super close :)

Grad school is awesome! I’m answering questions in class and my professor makes it extremely fun :) He’s a bit kooky but I loe it! I made a B on my first Economics exam! I’m thrilled as it’s the first econ class I’ve ever taken and I was really, really nervous about it! My accounting class is a little rough at the moment, but I’m trudging through.

Boys Boys Boys..why is dating these days so complicated? Whatever happened to just asking a girl out to dinner? I need you boys to step it up.

I get to travel this month! I’m very excited I get to go to two conferences this month! I can’t wait to learn new things and be inspired! I’m hoping to come back with all kinds of new ideas :)

So that’s life with Lemon at the moment :)

How are you? Is everyone loving this fall weather? It’s blissful here!


One PSL Sipping Lemon

Thankful Thursday!

It’s Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for this week? I’m thankful for…

Purple Pants :)

I love capri pants! Purple capri pants are even better!



I love flowers! Nothing makes me happier than a daisy. Sorry’re overrated in my book.


Summer weather! It’s been in the 80’s around here :)

SO ready to break out the swimsuit!

Rescued Frogs

Spring means the return of my favorite little guys..frogs! I’ve rescued 3 this week from the perilous hallway in my building.


I have recently discovered Gelato..and I’m in serious looooooooove. It’s Kosher, Vegetarian, HFCS free and hormone much better than that can it get? Better ingredients make

Special Boys :)

It’s not often that I am impressed with a guy. But last weekend I had to work/photograph an all day event and Guy #3 aka CB tagged along. I really enjoyed hanging out with him all day. He made the day fly by. They were having a sidewalk chalk competition at the festival and he suggested we do it! (Be still my beating heart..I was going to do it..I’ve done it the last 5 years in a row and won 2x as runner up.) I’ve never had a guy that liked to do stuff like that or at least pretended too lol. He decided we should each do one and let it be a “competition” (he might have forgotten who he was up against..). It was so fun. We listened to some good old beach music and settled in to doodle out our squares. I went with a lotus flower and lily pad while CB opted to represent his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Order.

He was even nice enough to not get his red sidewalk chalk on me. I can’t say the same for the three other sorority girls who passed by..they might have gotten secretly tagged when he hugged :)

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the festival, eating lunch and attempting to put ice down each others shirts (he started it..) as it was about 90* outside.


I’m thankful for moments that make me smile :)


One Smiling Lemon

Friday Finally :)

It’s Friday :) Sorry I’ve been so quite y’all! My life has been insane these past few weeks post accident. But that’s a whole blog in itself :) My thoughts today…

Thank goodness I’m almost done with this work week….I’m sooo tired.

We’ve started a new processing system at work for our project management and I’ve begun to see how much work I actually do. I’m astounded. I knew I did stuff..but this helps me to quantify it :)

Alabama takes on JMaz this weekend..I’m beyond ready :)

This Bama girl has been waiting for football season and boy is she glad it’s back! This weekend I’m going to put on my Bama sweats, Bama shirt and enjoy the game from the comfort of my couch with a large cup of tea. I love fall but hate the transition between summer and fall. My allergies have been killing me. I pulled the neti pot out and the sinuses are still raging. So needless to say I’ve felt a bit beyond crummy lately.

I finally have a new vehicle :) So thankful that I no longer have to sport the grandma car :)

The search for a new vehicle has been frustrating. I’ve given myself a budget and nothing that I liked fell into my budget. No vehicle was what I wanted or the color was wrong. I’ve been praying and trying to figure out what to do. I finally had a peace about it last Friday and decided to quit stressing about it. Mom and I went to test drive some vehicles on Saturday and call me picky but nothing drove like my Koda.  So rolling on to Monday, my dad calls me about 11am to let me know my dealer was bidding on 2 trucks :) One was the exact make, model and year I had been looking for and……..guess what? $1,500 under my budget :) So I anxiously awaited to see where or not we won the bid. At 2pm I found out I did :) I’m now anxiously awaiting it’s arrival today :)

I love my Tornados!

I love fall because with fall comes fall soccer season! I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to coach at our local YMCA this past year and again this year. I was super excited to have 5 kiddos from our team last year return to the team this year. Their improvement in technical skills is astounding. Mind you I help coach 5U so we’re talking little guys :) But even better this year..I have 2 girls on the team. I call them my double trouble duo :) They’re adorable! This is the first year they’ve played so I have the opportunity to mold them from scratch. S is the oldest and a fabulous listener. We’ve been working on learning to dribble. Tuesday night she ran up to me and says Miss Kat..I need to dribble better I’m not fast enough :) I love this kid!! She was getting so frustrated later on about not being able to score on the goalie. We had a little chat and I told her the secret to out thinking the goalie. Next play, S gets the ball, dribbles up, pauses looks at me (I smiled and gave her a thumbs up) and then she booted it into the left corner. Meanwhile the goalie had already gone right :) So Sadie scored her first goal ever and I don’t know who was more shocked S or her dad :) I’m excited to see how far she’s going to develop this season.

S’s sister A is a bit more timid. We’re still working on some fears. But! She stole the ball from our lead striker Tuesday night :) So the girl power is coming.

I love our little team! Anna‘s boys KC and Kaden are playing again this year and they are too precious y’all! Every practice they run up to me and give me HUGE hugs :) I treasure those! I know there’ll come a day when they’re to “cool” to give hugs.

I’m kicking serious Finance 341 butt right now :)

I have been extremely worried about my finance class. It was going to be my gauge on whether or not I would pursue a MBA degree in the spring. To give you a little heads up about me let’s just say math wasn’t my best friend in school. But…I’m making straight A’s so far and I’ve discovered something quite shocking..I love finance! I guess because it’s all applicable to my life (I own my own business on the side.) and where I want to go with my future. I find it hilarious that the 2 students in the class who aren’t business majors are making better grades than the business majors. (Like seriously guys? Come on.)

I am ready to get lost…

I have been having a ridiculous craving to be in a relationship & to have a guy in my life. I miss having someone to talk to, hangout with and enjoy. It’s literally become this semi-consuming monster in my life. I realized that I’ve failed to enjoy some of my singleness. So I’m ready to get lost completely and insanely in the one guy who always loves heavenly Father. I’m going on this journey. For the next 10 weeks, I’m going to get completely, insanely, blissfully lost in Him.


One Sniffly House Hunting Lemon :)