Weekend Wrap Up ~ Blame it on the books…

Hello Lovelies! This weekend has been CRAZY fun and busy! Friday night I headed to our local Co-Op for craft night. It has been so much fun hanging out with fellow crafters. I finally found some new friends :) I enjoy munching on goodies and chatting with other crafty ladies. I took some yarn withContinue reading “Weekend Wrap Up ~ Blame it on the books…”

High Five for Friday!

Hey Lovelies :) It’s Friday! Finally…whew this week has been crazy :) Taking a break to tell you five things I’m giving a high five this week!   Grad school is going well! I was really worried about that this semester :) But so far Lemon is hanging in there, and confident about the material.Continue reading “High Five for Friday!”

From the Archives of Whistlin’ Moose..

I’ve been reading over my private blog from several years ago and I’m just amazed at some of the things I have so quickly forgotten! So from the 2009 archives :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hurray Hurray! It is such an exciting time in my life right now:) If feel like jumping up and down and shouting HurrayContinue reading “From the Archives of Whistlin’ Moose..”

Becoming a Titus woman..

I LOOOOOVE first Tuesday :) Because first Tuesday means that at 7pm beautiful ladies converge upon Rebecca’s house for Bible study. There is something about snuggling into the couch with 10 other girls…women rather..my age and getting into the word. I know I don’t talk a lot about my faith on my blog, and forgiveContinue reading “Becoming a Titus woman..”