I love scavenger hunts! I was super duper excited when I heard rumblings about another #RunChatHunt :) This will be my first one so I thought I’d let y’all follow me along :)

1 – Found a body of water on my lunch run around the local university :)

2 – Found an inflatable snowman (two birds with one stone) when my mom and I ran out on Black Thursday..now I’ve got to find one outside :)

3 – Took at picture with a complete stranger at the Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving :) My stranger’s name is Martha and her entire family came out to do their first 5k. I must say it was pretty awesome! Martha, her hubby, son and daughter each won a medal in their divisions :) Ballin’ for their first 5k ever!

4 – Found two on my run today! Had to loop out half a mile but I found the port a potty!


5 – Charlotte found our mile marker :)

Woot woot…I’m off to run around some more to find items on my list :)

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