Buh-Bye Mosquitoes


Hello My Lovelies!!

I used to hate summer because Mosquitoes love me…seriously! They chew me up super bad. And then I get these horrible welts that make me look like a polka dotted crazy person. But this year…I said no way! I ordered some Citronella oil, bought a citronella plant (which has taken over..plant those things in a container!!) and a few other oils to see if I could keep the mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay. Y’all! I’m so excited! I made a bug bite roll on and bug spray using my oils and a few other natural ingredients. So far…I’ve only gotten bit twice. Hurray! I’ll take 2 bites over 250 any day. Sorry not sorry mosquitoes!

Here’s the recipes I used:

Bug Bite Roll On

Bug Spray

I also wanted to make a yard spray. But I have a multitude of cute furry things that live out there…some squirrels, possums, rabbit, Penelope & Patches. So I wanted one that wouldn’t hurt them if they came in contact with it. This recipe is the coolest thing every! I was a little unsure about it at first..but it works! The hardest part was finding stale beer. I don’t drink so I called a few friends and thankfully one of them some that he let me have :)

Mosquito Yard Spray

1 bottle of Mouthwash
3 cups Epsom Salt
3 – 12oz stale beer

Mix the ingredients together until the salt is dissolved. Spray anywhere outside where you sit, around the pool and it will keep the mosquitoes away for 80 days :)

The stronger you make your mix the longer it lasts. It’s safe to use on or around plants or flowers :)

Plus it smells like mint!


One Not Itching for the First Time Ever Lemon


Hello my Lovelies,

My heart is full tonight. Very rarely does my Heavenly Father clue me into the larger picture of my life, but tonight I caught a fleeting glimpse of my story through his eyes.

As we sat around small group offering up prayer requests, I listened with a heavy heart and quietly took notes. I love to pray and sometimes when I pray out loud the rest of the world ceases to exist to me.

But tonight, as I prayed for a broken family and paused sensing the need to be still. I heard the next prayer offered up. I was amazed to hear Eric pray for me. I felt humbled…. As he prayed, he thanked God for using me to show him what an example of a Godly sister looked like. For using me to show him love and kindness. For using me to show him a God’s picture of a healthy family unit. For using my prayers to strengthen him and challenge him. For giving me the gift of prayer. For enabling my prayers to have power. He prayed for me to chase my dreams. He prayed that I be prepared for the lose of my brother and that I have the strength to walk that journey.

I cried. He didn’t know. He didn’t know that today of all days, I needed to be reminded of that. I have always known that my brother’s death will be a chapter I will have to walk. It’s been on my heart for years. I have prepared my heart, but it doesn’t mean I am ready for that moment to arrive.

I cherish every moment I have with him, and I have no doubt in my mind that if he had to choose between his life and saving another, he will choose death.

This summer he begins a hard chapter. A brave chapter. He will be risking his life on a daily basis as he works to save people from immediate danger. There are risks. There are high prices for small mistakes. But I rest in the knowledge that God has equipped him to meet this challenge with the fearlessness of a lion.

God spoke through Eric tonight. As the tears rolled down my face, I knew that it wasn’t Eric speaking. It was my father. I prayed this week for confirmation. I prayed he would hear my cries and make himself known to me. And He did.


One joyful Lemon

Whoop….there it is…

Hello My Lovelies!

Do you ever have a Fabulous Friday and then in a matter of thirty seconds it comes crashing down?

Amazing how that happens isn’t it? Well…it happened.

I was enjoying my half day off yesterday and looking forward to my date this weekend with Montana. We had planned to go to the Big Mo drive-in movie theatre to see Jungle Book and Captain America after I got off work Saturday.

It’s been such fun with him over the last six weeks and I was excited that I FINALLY seemed to have made it past the second date disaster zone that seems to be my struggle in life. We had the best date last weekend. He and Koda came and surprised me on Sunday and we had plans for this weekend.

I have been very careful about not getting too emotionally invested.  My sister is always telling me I fall too hard and too fast for people that I need to take some lessons from the Ice Queen. I guess that’s the artist emotional side of me…but I had been mindful to guard my emotions and my heart. This was the first week I allowed myself to be happy and get a little bit excited.

I was sitting on my couch yesterday afternoon watching Chicago PD (I’m slightly obsessed with the whole Chicago series…PD, MED, Fire…) and my phone went off. I knew by the ringtone it was Montana.

Excited, I picked up my phone expecting it to be about our date tomorrow….only to read this:

Hey, I need to tell you something. Billy (bar owner of Coates) introduced me to a gal earlier this week. Her and I kind of hit it off and I don’t know…something about it seemed like a pretty good connection. I hate to do this because I enjoy our time together. But I don’t want you waiting around for me and missing out on some other guy. I’m going to see where things go with her because I feel like I can see things further down the road with her. I don’t know how to explain it to make it sound any better. Just how I feel I guess. I’m really sorry….. :(

Yeah…not what I was expecting at all.

I replied: Thanks for letting me know.

A few minutes later, I got another text telling me he just didn’t feel right not saying anything at all. He then proceeded with the whole “You’re going to find an amazing guy who will love all of the fabulous things about you. I’m just sorry it wasn’t me…”


I wasn’t devastated but it did hurt….I cried a little….It’s been a year since MB and I broke up (crazy how time flies huh?). I’ve been very selective about who I have gone on dates with since. I wasn’t looking to have my heart broken again, but I guess that’s the risk you take when you go on a date huh?

So I did what any girl would do…went shopping…then had a tearful moment after I checked out because all I was holding was a bag of cat food and toilet paper…

Thankfully my Berkley bestie was working the bar at Longhorn and I happened to have a Darden gift card thanks to my awesome momma. So I sat at the bar (my parents would be appalled), eating chicken tenders (sometimes you just have to say screw healthy food) and watching the Braves game. Told my story to the two hilarious ladies sitting beside me who were appalled that he had texted that and laughed with them about life for awhile. The man sitting on the other side of me with his wife overheard and told me before they left that it was pretty lame and sh*** for a guy to do that and that I was better off without him.

My other bestie was sweet enough to drive back to town to sit with me for awhile. She is the best! I am thankful for her listening ear and hugs and I’m glad we are kindred spirits.

So after the tears, the anger, the what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-me moment…I realized there is nothing wrong with me. Mind boggling….

I always tend to blame myself when things go wrong. But I can’t do that. I have to accept that just because he chose that ending for our story doesn’t mean that I messed the story up.

So I think it’s time I stop trying to take control of my love story and let God do His thing. It is the one area in my life that I struggle to give Him complete control. I want it to happen now. I love my single life. I love the things He allows me to do, but I want to share that with someone. I want to have my own family to come home to at the end of the day. I want the kind of love my grandparents shared for 55 years.

So thanks Montana for reminding me that what I want, wasn’t what I had.


One Sweatpants Wearing Lemon


Stuffed Chicken

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been working on several new recipes lately! Last nights turned out so well I wanted to share it.

Stuffed Chicken

Ingredients // Supplies

2 – 3 Chicken Breasts ($3.31)

Raspberries (fresh)

Fresh Bundle of Rhubarb

Goat cheese with Honey – 2 – 4 tbs

Fresh Minced Garlic – About 2 cloves

Fresh Bundle of Asparagus ($1.89)

Cutting board // tongs // bakers twine // knife


Begin by rinsing the asparagus and trim off ends. Set aside. Rinse chicken breasts, trim off fat and slice down the side to create a butterfly filet. Spread goat cheese and honey onto the chicken. Next, add the raspberry rhubarb spread.

I made my spread last night. Simply puree the raspberries in the food processor. Next, cut the rhubarb stalks into pieces. The size is up to you, but a good size is around 0.8–1.2 in or 1″-1.5″. Place the rhubarb pieces and sugar into a sauce pot and cover with water. Cook over low heat for about 10mts. The rhubarb should become mushy and stringy. Remove from heat and let cool. Once cool, add into the food processor with raspberries. It should be plenty sweet enough, but if not add a touch of honey.

I used about 2tbs of raspberry rhubarb spread on each chicken. If you like it really sweet, add more. Once you have the desired amount spread on your chicken, insert 6-8 asparagus stalks. Lay the chicken flaps across and wrap with baker’s twine tying at the end to hold.


Drizzle with garlic, honey and EVOO. Add remaining asparagus to pan surrounding the stuffed chicken breasts. Bake at 350* for 35-40mts. I pan seared mine after they baked to give them a crispier exterior.


Plate with extra asparagus. Grab a good glass of wine and some friends and enjoy! Each serving cost me $1.73 to make! Can’t beat that :)


One Wanna-Be-Chef Lemon

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