Meet Kat

Hey Y’all!

I’m Kat, the girl behind The Spot Where Lemon Rain Drops (aka Lemon!). It’s the perfect crazy blend of my life, obsessions, projects and dating faux pas. It’s here that my brain settles in on its favorite comfy grey couch to share the musings it endures each day. You’ll find there is a unique blend that makes me….Me :)

By day, I’m a Graphic Designer. Ummm…what does that mean? I help creative & non-creative people learn how to visually communicate information in a way that anyone can understand. I’m an organizer and coordinator! It’s my job to make sure the little stuff gets done at work in order for our  projects to run smoothly. I’m an avid Twitter user, Facebook despiser (it was cool before my grandma got one) and Pinterest Pinner extraordinaire.

By night, I’m a crafter! I love making things by hand and enjoy working with textures. I’m an avid cook and if I ever have a mid life crisis I’m going to culinary school to become a chef.

How It All Started

I started The Spot Where Lemon Rain Drops in 2012 after a very tumultuous year. Ever just need to hit pause and restart your life? I was at a pivotal point where my creativity was going to eat me alive or break through. I had been drained after working a trivial job to pay the bills, gaining 40lbs my senior year of college (ouch!), a bad break up and I was in desperate need of a creative respite. I left my job and decided to focus on me for awhile :) I explored things I was curious about..making paper, dying fabric, making soap, CrossFit, working out and eating clean. I decided that it was time to let all of those bitter, angry, sour things seep out and let the sun shine through. I was a Lemon Raindrop :) Sour on the outside but sweet at the center.

It’s three years later and my life is so much better! I live a gluten-free Paleo life and I have a new rescue dog, Penelope, tagging along on my adventures. Want to catch up with her story? Search #PenelopeB15 on Instagram and follow along :)

Keep me company my journey as I go from being sour to sweet :)

Get in Touch

I love meeting new people! Let’s connect and chat :)

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