Weekend Wrap Up ~ Blame it on the books…

Hello Lovelies!

This weekend has been CRAZY fun and busy! Friday night I headed to our local Co-Op for craft night. It has been so much fun hanging out with fellow crafters. I finally found some new friends :) I enjoy munching on goodies and chatting with other crafty ladies.

I took some yarn with me and about ten patterns. Have I mentioned that I really hate patterns? I much prefer freestyle crocheting. After three attempts at following the pattern, I gave up and just went for it.

I think my slouchy beanie turned out okay :)

Saturday morning I headed back to the Co-Op for my first Intro to Beekeeping class. Yes! You read that right..I have a slight obsession with honey bees :) I’ve always been curious about honey bees. I blame it on my childhood obsession with Winnie the Pooh and the fact that I could eat honey all day everyday.

I recently read a series of books, The Bella Vista Chronicles by Susan Wiggs, about a female beekeeper/chef. If you haven’t read them, I encourage you to! It’s a fabulous series about family, love and healing. It follows stolen artwork and the journey of the underground Polish resistance during the Nazi regime. It was a fascinating read! I couldn’t put it down. As an art lover, bee enthusiast, sister, and history lover it hit every interest I have. Included in each book are fabulous recipes featuring honey!


Our class was taught by a local beekeeper. He’s been keeping bees for over 20 years and I am excited to learn more! Our class will take about 8 months, but at the end I’ll be a South Carolina certified Beekeeper!

Why am I so interested in bees (aside from the previously stated reasons)? Without the mighty little honey bee, we would live in a world without fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.

Nearly one-third of the world’s crops are dependent on honeybees for pollination, but over the last decade the cute little honey bee has been dying at unprecedented rate in both the United States and abroad. EEEKKKK! So I’m going to help with that :)

But where are you going to keep bees, you ask. Well..I thought about that. Some will be going on the farm. Did you know that adding beehives to your farm can help increase your production yield? Last year, a cotton farmer rented bees from Mr. Phillip and his yield increased 11%! Craziness!!

But after going through our first class and talking with Mr. Phillip, I realized my backyard is perfect! There’s all the foods and resources bees need hanging out back there. I’ve got oak trees, blueberry bushes, asters, milkweed, a swimming pool (they get thirsty), an apple tree and more! Boom Sauce! (I’m beyond excited about this in case that isn’t translating through!)

I met a new friend at Bible Study last week. She texted yesterday and we met up at church to sit together. It’s so nice to have a familiar face to sit with :)

Now I’m settling in to finish up some homework. This semester and I just aren’t gelling very well. So I’m doing a little bit of homework and then crocheting a little…it’s like rewarding yourself for surviving in my opinion..

Here’s what I whipped up tonight during homework breaks..


One Soon-to-Be Beekeeping Lemon


Weekend Wrap Up

Hi Lovelies!

Mmmmm…it’s a dreary Monday here. I’m sitting here in my bright yellow chair listening to the rain hit my windows. I love that tink tink tink sound! It’s so soothing.

This weekend has been crazy! But so good :) My heart is full and my cup runeth over. Friday was such a fun day! Several of my friends and I are doing a bible study called Keep It Shut. I must confess learning to zip my lip is becoming quite a challenge. I’ve discovered there is some icky stuff in my heart I’ve gotta get rid of. I’ve also discovered the less rested I am, the “witchier” I get. Note to self, sleep more, talk less.

Friday night was crazy! My dad and I installed my washer and dryer at my house :) It took us a minute but we finally got the hot and cold water figured out. No thanks to the contractor who put two blue knobs on the water lines…Dear sir, hot water line should be red always!! But alas…we figured it out by process of elimination.

We ran to Hibachi to grab some dinner because no one felt like cooking. It was a nice dinner with my parents. And I seldom say no when sushi is involved :) Afterwards, we ran into Lowe’s and of course my mom found some poor plants on the brink of death that she thought she could revive..and sent three home with me. I’ve got a darling little baby peace lily that has spruced up since I started watering it. A dear friend told me I should put it in an aquarium with a Betta fish (WHICH I LOVE!!!! I had one for 4 years..and my sister may have killed it…but we won’t go there..). I think I might go fish shopping after work tonight…

Saturday was fun! Matt and I met up with his sister and her fella (aka Matt’s best friend!) for breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast spots. Can I just say how much I treasure this sweet guy? He picked me up again, and I love it. I absolutely love it. I can’t begin to explain how much little stuff like that means to me. It’s absolutely amazing. I ordered my usual blueberry waffle with an egg. I know..I’m boring. But have you had a Belgian waffle with fresh blueberries? Ummm…delicious!

Breakfast was fun! I was nervous but his sister put me right at ease. Meeting the sister is always a tricky thing to me. I am a sister, I know how scary we sisters can be to the “new girlfriend”. Sometimes we’re secretly plotting your demise..sometimes we’re sweet…it’s a delicate thing. It was hilarious to watch Matt during breakfast. I think he turned seven shades of pink and red…too cute :)

After breakfast we ran back to my house for a quick study session with one of my MBA classmates. Then Matt suggested we go pick up my mirror since it was on sale and hit the thrift shop. (BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!) A guy that loves thrift stores…this is bliss. We tooled around the thrift store and stumbled across some vintage cameras. I thought he was going to have to drag me away. I found a Brownie Hawkeye in working condition :)


Little nerd history about the Hawkeye! It was introduced by Kodak in May of 1949 and was discontinued in July of 1961. The 1950-61 models have an amazing flash attachment that connects to the outer left side with the HUGE bulb bowl.

It’s by far one of the most popular cameras ever made. Still fairly popular with photographers because of the unique image size 2.25×2.25..hummm kind of like Instagram…The one I bought is in great shape. I ordered some film from B&H and we’re gonna try this baby out soon :)

While we were thrifting, my mom called. We had a family emergence situation and I had to leave. Matt was so sweet :) I started apologizing for having to cut our day short and he simply said, Family comes first. Ahhhh….It’s so nice to have a special guy who completely understands that and lives by that.

My mom and I headed to Charleston to help. It was a hard weekend, but one that held a lot of healing and love. We came back Sunday night and I went over to Matt’s to spend time with his sister and her fella while cooking for the Super Bowl. We made Buffalo Chicken dip and Spinach Artichoke Bites (my all time fav!). MB’s sister made a really yummy salsa dip too! Matt brought us all a treat from work. He worked a double again this weekend, but thankfully they cut him early Sunday so I got to spend a few more hours with him.

He works at Longhorn Steakhouse on the weekends and they have the most amazing dessert called a Chocolate Stampede. Now I can’t really explain how awesome it is without a visual…

Sheer bliss….

To tell you how awesome it is…they sell over 1 million of these babies each year. It’s that good folks :) I found a recipe for it this weekend. Whether I’ll be able to make it and it taste the same remains to be seen, but I’m always up for a culinary challenge.

We enjoyed splitting our chocolate stampedes while lamenting over the ending of the Super Bowl. For you Patriots fans…yeah yeah…congrats or whatever. For those of us pulling for Seattle…what was that last pass? Hello…

It was a really fun night getting to know Matt’s sister and watching the two of them interact. Too precious :)

So that’s a wrap of my weekend!

What was your favorite weekend moment?


One Chocolate Stuffed Lemon

Weekend Wrap Up

Hi Lovelies!

It’s Tuesday but feels like a Monday. I thought I’d catch you up on my lunch break today. I usually go for a run but thought blogging might be a little more fun on this insanely hot day in South Carolina.

This weekend was great. Friday night we had soccer practice at the YMCA. Our sweet little team seemed to have turned into sweet little hooligans! Last week they listened so well..this week they were all over the place. But it was fun!

I had a meeting with the student group I advise afterwards at a local restaurant and it is always such an amazing thing to help inspire the next generation of students. We had a brain storming session about events that they could implement for this semester. Our little group of 15 has grown to nearly 90 this year. It’s going to take a lot of work but I have no doubt they can get things done.

Saturday we slaved away at my house. It’s been crazy hot in SC and we’ve not had any rain for a hot minute. My brother and I got most of my living room painted before we were about to keel over from the heat. Saturday night was a blast :) I headed into town to meet up with Chris, Tom and Michelle for the Lyle Lovett concert. When they said Lyle Lovett and his large band..they weren’t joking! I loooooooved it! Chris was a bit perturbed he was missing his favorite Clemson game (aside from Clemson vs USC) but thankfully Tom helped him out and dvr’d the game. The Lyle crew did not disappoint! A 2.5 hr set with no intermission and enough jokes to keep the audience entertained between songs. It was nice to just sit and be still for 2 hours.

After the show, we headed over to Tom and Michelle’s house to watch the Clemson game. I love hanging out with Chris’ boss and his wife. They are the sweetest couple. Michelle and I have a lot in common so it’s never a struggle to make conversation. We talked remodeling while the boys watched the end of the football game.  I will say that this girl is incredibly glad it’s football season. I love, love, love college football!

It was a really fun, relaxed night with Chris. I had debating giving my ticket to one of our mutual friends but I decided to go to the concert at the last-minute. After last week, I just wasn’t really in the mood to be cute or hangout with a guy…but I’m glad I went.

Sunday was insane. Church was great. The older guys class has challenged the guys in our class to a basketball game and it’s the smack talk of the century. They rolled into our class with an air of confidence and bouncing basketballs. It’s really hilarious to see 40-year-old men talking junk.. Dad took mom and I shopping that afternoon before my study session. I was really disappointed. I usually always find cute clothes at Kohl’s but it’s been a struggle lately. I did snag a gorgeous lavender sweater for fall at a steal of $4 :)

I met up with Paden to study for our grad school class and y’all the boy is a trip. I’m really glad we’re going through this program together. We knocked our homework out fairly quickly..mostly because the library was hot as fire and we were both dying.

Sunday night was the commissioning ceremony for two of my dear friends. God has placed an amazing call on their lives and I’m excited to watch them walk this next road. It was very emotional for me. They’ve become somewhat of mentors to me and I’m going to miss studying the word at their house. I’ve no doubt that God is going to do great things through them. Kamden and I managed to cry through most of the service. When you see a mother sharing her heart and baring her soul it is a movement like none other. Rebecca shared her heart with us..her heart is beautiful and the glory that radiates from her is hard to miss. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.

After many tears and hugs for Grant and Rebecca, the girls all headed to Starbucks. It’s somewhat of our Sunday night tradition. We were a bit downtrodden at first..but joyful by the end. We had a pizza and movie night afterwards since the majority of us were off for Labor Day. It was crazy fun..I’d forgotten how nice it is to just chill out and relax. I stay so busy 90% of the time that I miss out on those little moments.

It was a bit scary though. The house where we were had a Cocker Spaniel. During the middle of the movie, I went to close the pizza box and he attacked me. Thankfully, I’ve been around dogs my whole life and knew how to respond..but still scary! Thankfully he didn’t pierce the skin and I was able to subdue him quickly. I got him calmed down and he was fine for the next hour. Close to the end of the movie, he was stretched out beside me. I stretched and hit the pizza box with my foot. Not thinking..and he went straight for my face. THAT WAS SCARY! He’s not a big dog, but large enough to make me nervous when he’s flying towards my face. It’s very hard to subdue a dog when there are six girls screaming and a tv blaring. I managed to get my body clear of his teeth. It took a good ten minutes to get him out of the red zone that time. So that was the not so fun part..lol.

Monday was a rest day for me.  I didn’t work on my house at all. Nope. I took myself to Starbucks and grabbed a venti Iced Coffee (a deviation from my norm) then went home to stretch out on the couch. Of course my brain didn’t want to cooperate at all..running 110mph. Dad brought home the Might Ducks movie (throwback to my childhood) and we had a Mighty Ducks marathon. HILARIOUS! I did manage to catch a nap during the second one.

I packed up a good bit of stuff to move to my house. Everything is now sorted, boxed and labelled by room :)

Since my brain wasn’t tired, I decided to go ahead and knock out my grad school work for this week. Figured that would be one less thing to stress over :) So it’s turned in, I’ve made A’s on everything so far and I’m chugging along :)

My little soccer team has their first practice tonight! Can’t wait :)


One Soccer Playin’ Lemon

Weekend Wrap Up..First Dates and Chicken Plates

Another busy weekend in the books for me! It was so much fun though :)

Friday we celebrated Gram’s 78th Birthday. She wanted to go out for brunch so we picked her up and off we all traipsed to Cracker Barrel. Be proud! I resisted the urge to eat carbs and ordered eggs instead. We had the worst waitress..I felt bad for her. The food however was superb. Then it was off to take my sister by the university to take her summer class final. She passed! We spent the rest of the day shopping and hanging out until she had to leave to go back to Charleston. Mom, Dad and I went to Lowe’s to buy my new vanities for my bathrooms! Talk about an exciting moment! More details and pics coming this week!

Saturday morning I headed down to Charleston to see one of my dearest, best-est friends, Lilly.  She recently moved back from Atlanta and I hadn’t had a chance to see her new apartment yet. It was a great drive down there until the eighteen wheeler rest area blocked me and I had to drive 30mts to get to the next non-sketchy bathroom. But I survived and there was no rain.

You might have caught my post last week about James, but if not let me fill you in! James is a friend of a mutual friend, a former Marine and a weapons specialist. Our mutual friend suggested that the two of us meet and introduced us. We’ve been talking on the phone now for about two weeks. James served a tour in Iraq before being sent home after surviving an IED blast. As a result of the blast, he is blind in his right eye. James and I had planned to meet up on Saturday morning and hangout at the beach but he had an emergency come up so we rescheduled for Sunday. Y’all this boy is precious..let me re-phrase that..this man is precious. I have been pleasantly impressed with his manners and his pursuit. He calls instead of texts which I love. We talk on the phone like we’ve known each other our whole lives instead of two weeks. He called me on my way to Charleston to make sure I hadn’t run into any rain and to request that when stopping at non-sketchy bathrooms I tell someone where I stopped (so that if I went missing they had a point of reference to begin looking). Military/Police background…you have to love it :)

I finally made it to Lilly’s and we headed downtown. Lilly had an interview at Republic Garden at 3pm. We parked only to get on the street and realize it was at the OTHER end of the street. So needless to say Lilly, Sam and I booked it to the restaurant. Sam (oh! she’s Lilly’s sister btw..) and I tooled around this awesome toy shop during Lilly’s interview. They even had a Nickelodeon Piano! The Magnifilous Toy Emporium (Magnificent + Fabulous) on upper King is a delightful shop! If they carry it at Toys-R-Us I guarantee you..it won’t be found at the Emporium. Sam and I had the best time looking at classic games from our childhood. The best part was watching the kids in the store. They were having the greatest time laughing and giggling. It was as equally catered to adults as it was for the children..because honestly, we’re all kids at heart :)Her interview went really well! She connected with the manager and bartender who were interviewing her. They were very impressed with her resume. She’s supposed to get a call back today so cross your fingers!!

After Lilly’s interview, we dropped Sam off at work. She works for a charter company as a tour guide. Lilly and I spent the rest of the afternoon tolling around downtown, the bookstore and then went to the movies to watch Tammy. I can’t say that it was one of my favorite Melissa McCarthy films. There is a lot of negative self-image in their portrayal of the female role. Derogatory comments, alcoholism and foul language gave this movie a C- rating from me.

James called to say he’d resolved the emergency and to see if I was by chance free for dinner. I said I was. We met up at Leaf, a super quaint cafe style restaurant. It was great! He’s as amazing in person as he is on the phone ;) Ladies..when I say he’s adorable..he’s adorable ;) Such a gentleman too! Our friends joined us shortly after dinner which made it all the more fun! James’ friend Bryan, a North Charleston police officer, joined us and he hit it off with Lilly immediately. We hung out and talked for about an hour and half before the guys asked us if we’d like to walk around downtown. Downtown Charleston is the best place in the summer! There are always a hundred things going on it seems. It was the best night just walking around laughing and joking with each other.  The guys were polite enough to point out the puddles. I, unfortunately, took a tumble on the wet stairs…yay for Lindsay Phillips shoes that slide on really wet wooden stairs. So I’m currently sporting two massive bruises on my shin.

We split ways and I got a goodnight kiss :) (He asked first! I liked that..ever the gentleman!). James invited us to the beach on Sunday. His family has a house on Edisto Island. Lilly had plans but I was free. So Sunday morning, James and I spent the morning at the beach. I had the greatest time walking on the beach and talking with him. He shared about life in Iraq, surviving an IED blast and the difficulty he had transitioning back into life as a civilian who has combat experience. Coming from a military family, I know the struggles these soldiers go through when they come back from war. It pulled my heart-strings even more. We shared our college experiences…I must say..his stories are way funnier than mine! Their house was amazing! It sits back off the road by the marsh. The porch swing made for the perfect spot to sit and munch on snacks. James had to be back by 2pm so we left the island about noon. He gave me a personal tour as I hadn’t ever been to Edisto before. It’s so cute! I definitely want to go back and stroll around some more. I saw some thrift shops and you know they were calling my name..

After he dropped me off, Lilly, Sam and I went to lunch. We were all starving (more like STAAAARHHHHHHVING.) and between the three of us we have a plethora of coupons to be used at different places. We went to Ol’ Charley’s. I was beyond excited to see they had chicken and waffles on the menu. Two of my favorite things :) We had a fabulous waitress! Sitting at a table with two people who work in the food industry for a living tends to make dining out tricky..they’re constantly reviewing wait time, appetizer to table time and such..but she was fabulous! We splurged from healthy eating..(as indicated by my amazing chicken and waffles..) and ordered some fried pickles. Totally a southern thing and whoever invented them is an amazing person!!

After dropping Sam off, Lilly and I headed out to Isle of Palms. We have a tradition that anytime we’re in Charleston we walk from inlet #23 to the pier and back. We’ve been doing it for forever..we realized this time that it had been over 2 years since we’d done it and agreed that it was a tragedy! So we’ve resolved to make monthly time to get together a priority..schedules allowing. It was rather toasty so we headed over to see my little sister at Belgian Gelato on Vendue. I’d never been to that part of the water front before and I was in awe of the typography and architecture. We got some gelato, pineapple mango for me and salted caramel for Lilly. It was SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!! It started pouring..typical Charleston and we made a mad dash back to the car.

I was exhausted but it was a super fun weekend. Thankfully the rain cleared up on my way out of Charleston and I had smooth weather all the way home.

How was your weekend? Did you have some sunshine?


One Happy Lemon

PS! I didn’t get sunburned at all!!! Hurray!