Hello my Lovelies,

My heart is full tonight. Very rarely does my Heavenly Father clue me into the larger picture of my life, but tonight I caught a fleeting glimpse of my story through his eyes.

As we sat around small group offering up prayer requests, I listened with a heavy heart and quietly took notes. I love to pray and sometimes when I pray out loud the rest of the world ceases to exist to me.

But tonight, as I prayed for a broken family and paused sensing the need to be still. I heard the next prayer offered up. I was amazed to hear Eric pray for me. I felt humbled…. As he prayed, he thanked God for using me to show him what an example of a Godly sister looked like. For using me to show him love and kindness. For using me to show him a God’s picture of a healthy family unit. For using my prayers to strengthen him and challenge him. For giving me the gift of prayer. For enabling my prayers to have power. He prayed for me to chase my dreams. He prayed that I be prepared for the lose of my brother and that I have the strength to walk that journey.

I cried. He didn’t know. He didn’t know that today of all days, I needed to be reminded of that. I have always known that my brother’s death will be a chapter I will have to walk. It’s been on my heart for years. I have prepared my heart, but it doesn’t mean I am ready for that moment to arrive.

I cherish every moment I have with him, and I have no doubt in my mind that if he had to choose between his life and saving another, he will choose death.

This summer he begins a hard chapter. A brave chapter. He will be risking his life on a daily basis as he works to save people from immediate danger. There are risks. There are high prices for small mistakes. But I rest in the knowledge that God has equipped him to meet this challenge with the fearlessness of a lion.

God spoke through Eric tonight. As the tears rolled down my face, I knew that it wasn’t Eric speaking. It was my father. I prayed this week for confirmation. I prayed he would hear my cries and make himself known to me. And He did.


One joyful Lemon


Catch Up with Me

So my life has been really busy since I last wrote :) My apologies! But to catch you up to speed in 10..

1- I ran my second 5K in January! The Polar Bear run :) and ran it with one of the besties..errr walked it with her (we’re working on her running). We finished! Which was our ultimate goal.

2- I saw the Oak Ridge Boys in concert and they were kind enough to autograph my vinyl (yes I’m a nerd who collects vinyl records) of their original Christmas Album (which is only 8 years older than me). It was an amazing concert!

3- I had a kidney infection and spent Christmas Eve in the er. Thank goodness for nice doctors :)

4- I helped coach a 4 & 5yr old soccer team this spring! I think I had as much fun if not more as they did. We finished out our season 4-1-1. Not bad!

5- I’ve been on 2 dates since January :) Trying to get back into the swing of it. It’s hard to find eligible, nice, well mannered, holding a job men in this town. So for now I’m quite happy to just wait for one to come along.

6- My brother had introduced me to Paleo and I must say I’m about to jump in the deep end with it. So stay tuned! I think I’m going to be doing a 30 day challenge!

7- My job is awesome! Have I mentioned that? LOVE< LOVE< LOVE it :)

8- Just saw The Good Lovelies in concert last week! If you aren’t familiar with them you should look them up! @goodlovelies on twitter :) 3 best friends traveling the world and making music :) http://www.goodlovelies.com

9- I competed in a Big Loser & Mile competition! 10 weeks of intense working out and running. I logged a whooping 237.64 miles and lost 10lbs (but gained some muscle!). I won overall weightloss for the staff :) and was second place for mileage.

10- I am loving my life. This season has been a rough season of trials but out of those have come some amazing blessings.

I started a Bible study by Kelly Minter last night called Ruth: Loss, Love, Legacy. So I’m excited to see where it’s going to take me!

Journey with this crazy Nomad Girl :)


Lemon Rain Drop :)

Hello world!

Dear World,

My life is crazy right now but I’ll try to keep you updated :) I’m so excited about my new job! I’m doing crazy fun things.

Dear New Boss: I love you :) I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for you! Your smile and genuine appreciation of my work makes my heart happy!

Dear Aggravation, You really don’t want to start this battle you seem so determined to fight because unlike you I actually have a spine.

Dear Love, I can’t wait to spend time with you! Random Starbucks dates and snuggle time with you.

Dear Brain…thanks for all the creative ideas! I’m glad I’m journaling them again :) it is so cool to look back at your ideas and elaborate on them.

Dear Workout! We are kicking butt this week. 14 days in a row of solid physical activity. Legs were great today. I know you want to bring the arms back but Doc said we gotta wait on it a few days. No more tweaking the neck on the bench press.


Lemonrain Drop