Thankful Thursday!

It’s time for the happiest day of the week in my opinion! Thankful Thursday link ups with Crystal Michelle and Jenna Rae make my Thursdays :)


There is seldom a time when I get to give my best guy friend a hard time about his football teams but this past weekend was one of them. Finally…UT beat mind you it was only by 2 points but hey a win is a win right?

2 ~ Pain Free Running!

For the first time since August 17th I have had a week of pain-free running. I am so excited. It’s been hard to go easy this past month and a half. I’ve been depressed, emotionally eating..and I got sooooo frustrated because I noticed I fell right back into those old habits I worked so hard to sleep repeat. I made myself go to the gym. I was embarrassed because I had been at a certain level and I’m now basically back at the beginning. But you know what I found out? They missed me. My little crew of older ladies immediately asked me what had happened to me. They had been so worried because no one had seen me and I hadn’t been at my regular times. It was precious! SO..I’m ready to kick butt at the gym next week.

3 ~ Halloween is coming!

I LOVE PINTEREST! I’m slightly obsessed with it. I saw these little mummy dogs on there the other night and decided that they would make a hilarious Sunday lunch. So for lunch on Sunday we had mummy dogs!

4 ~ A New Ride :)

I finally decided to trade my truck in. I just wasn’t happy with it and the color (hot fire engine red) was killing me. So I’m happy to say that this girlie has a new ride complete with a sunroof! I didn’t know they made a sunroof in a truck! So I’m now rocking around town in my burnt orange truck :)

5~ Babies Babies Babies…they’re everywhere..

So you might remember that my bestie just delivered the cutest baby boy! Well the other is set to deliver in December..I’m going to be overrun with Aunt duties and dirty diapers come the new year :) It’s been awesome to walk alongside these girls as they’ve experienced the “firsts” of pregnancy and being mothers. I’m so proud of them :) Nikki’s journey has been challenging as her hubby (he’s Army) is currently stationed away from her. So it’s been a lot of dates for Mexican food (Baby Xander apparently likes all things spicy!) and shopping for the Army girl and I.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


One Styling Lemon


Thankful Thursday!

It’s time for the happiest day of the week in my opinion! Thankful Thursday link ups with Crystal Michelle and Jenna Rae make my Thursdays :)

1 ~ Thankful for Doctors!

One of the blessing of being single is that I have opportunities that some married couples don’t always get. I’m able to pour into their children as I have none of my own. I’m able to coach, teach swim lessons and just love on these kids like crazy. I’ve been blessed so much that I love to bless others in return. God brought a very special girl into my life five years ago when my mom started teaching at a new school. The daughter of one of the other teacher’s, Raylee, and I quickly became coloring buddies. It wasn’t long before I taught Rae-Rae and her brother Ce-Ce how to swim. This year Raylee has been having seizures at an alarming rate. Something we’ve seen an increase in at my mom’s school. Unable to identify what is causing the seizures, our doctors here are sending her to Tennessee this week to a special clinic (where one of my mom’s other students has already been seen at this year.) So! I was thinking the other day about what could i do? I can’t go with her to Tennessee..but then God showed me something. Raylee’s out grown most of her clothes due to the medications. So Auntie K headed to TJ Maxx to get her Maxxinista on. I got Rae-Rae some warm pants, shirts and a sweater for her upcoming trip to the hospital :) Pink of course! So today I’m thankful for doctors who I’m believing are going to determine what is causing this precious girl to have so many seizures each day.

2~ Thankful for Budgets!

I have been so overwhelmed lately and wasn’t really able to identify why until I sat down one night and went over my finances. God has blessed me with an amazing career and my company takes excellent care of us. But I realized I was failing to be a good steward of what He was blessing me with. So after 3 hours of number crunching with my mom, I finally came up with a working budget that I can maintain. I’m on week two and already I have this huge sense of accomplishment and peace. I’ve been reading through Dave Ramsey’s book, Total Money Makeover, and it has been challenging! Another amazing blessing happened this week! I paid off my first student loan!!!!! Whew!! Mind you I have a few more to go but the feeling I got when it said: “Paid in Full” was amazing!! So today I’m thankful for my mom, for her patience, for a new budget and for financial security.

3~ Thankful for an Awesome Dad!

Tuesday I had a rough day. I was frustrated, ill and ready to punch somebody. I came back to my office after lunch to find a beautiful bromeliad sitting on my desk :) Now I’m not your typical girl..I could care less about red roses, strawberries and champagne. I love daisies (future hubby take notes), orchids and bromeliads. It made my whole week actually :) He even left me a handwritten card and a five-spot for Starbucks!

So what are you thankful for this Thursday?


One Blessed Bromeliad Loving Lemon

Thankful Thursday!

It’s Thursday :) I’ve had a crazy week! But there are so many things I’m thankful for this week! I finally found a Thankful Thursday link up and I’m super excited about :)

1 ~ I’m finally Auntie K! My best friend brought a beautiful baby boy into the world yesterday :)

God’s love for us never ceases to amaze me! This tiny little baby with his tiny fingers and toes has stolen the hearts of all of us! Mind you he took his precious time making his grand debut! (Already a momma’s boy..running late as usual :) It amazes me that such a tiny creation can be born out of a love so beautiful. I’m a bit of a cynic sometimes when it comes to true love, but watching Heather and Hughes begin this journey has shown me what true love is like. It’s not always rainbows, its not always sunshine..sometimes it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Sometimes it’s facing your fears and running headfirst into them. The past nine months have taught me that true love is gloriously beautiful. It’s holding your wife’s hand and telling her she’s beautiful when she feels as big as a whale. It’s helping your best friend haul kayaks to the river because she can’t lift them :) It’s sneaking her big mac’s even when she knows she should probably be eating a salad :) It’s a love that I didn’t think existed anymore but you know what? It does! So thank you Father for showing me :)

Dear Oliver, I’m excited you’re finally here! I can’t wait to see how funny you’re going to be. I can’t wait to go kayaking with your mom and see how creative she’s going to get to sneak you along. I can’t wait to watch you grow :) I’m glad I get to be a part of your life little one! <3 Auntie K

2 ~ I’m thankful for a healthy best “dog” friend :)

I’ve been the proud mommy of an American Eskimo Spitz for almost 8 years. Holly’s birthday is next month and my sweet girl will turn 8 years old. It seems like just yesterday I was begging my daddy to let me keep this tiny little white ball of fur.  Holly found me my senior year of high school. She was born to a family of 15 puppies and her mommy couldn’t keep her. Donna brought her to church one night and told me she was supposed to give her to me. I was sooo excited :) Of course it took a little sweet talking to convince my daddy but we did. I named her Holly Noelle. She was the cutest little thing with her black bandana with holly berries on it (hence her name..I was so creative). We’ve had so many great years together and I know I’ve only got a few left with her. We headed to the vet this week because she’s been sick for about a week now running a fever off and on. Yes, your dogs can have a fever people! Sure enough, goober had an infection and needed some meds. She did so well at the vets office! Holly is very “anti-boys” as we have a mostly female “pack” at our house. Sometimes it takes a minute for me to convince her the lab tech isn’t trying to do her bodily harm. Thankfully the Lord provided a fabulous one who wasn’t the least bit put off by her growling. We spent an entire year in obedience training last year because she bit the lab tech at the other vet’s office, but that’s a whole ‘nother story :) So I’m thankful that my baby is on the mend and will be feeling better soon!

3~  I’m thankful for new running shoes!

I am thankful for new running shoes that make my feet happy :) They’re kind of picky. So even though I’m barred from running for 5 more weeks until they get my ankle straightened out..I know I can start back with style thanks to my new Skora’s.

4~  I’m thankful for new books to read!

I am a book-a-holic :) I’m thankful for thrift stores 6 minutes away from work that provide endless lunch break amusement for me. I’m thankful for their 3 books for a $1 :) I’m thankful for authors who take time to write books I love! I love Rachel Gibson books..Her quirky sense of humor never fails to make me lol in real life :)

5~  I’m thankful for FALL!

I LOVE FALL WEATHER! It’s my favorite season of the year :) With kids jingle belling and everyone yelling..I love boots and scarves and sweaters and snuggles on the couch :) I’m thankful I get to sport my knee high boots and scarf to work today :) I’m thankful for friends to ride to the fair with tonight! I’m thankful for caramel apples and funnel cakes…I’m just thankful today!


One Very Blessed Lemon