Thankful Thursday!

It’s Thursday already? My where has the time gone this week!

1 – I’m so thankful for the men and women who choose to fight for our country. This week I had the privilege to photograph a commissioning ceremony for Lt. Evans. He is one of 5,000 that will be commissioned into the United States Army this year by way of the ROTC college program. (GO NAVY!)

2 – I’m thankful for a best friend that goes to events with me even though he hates dancing and would rather be somewhere else : ) C, you’re the best! I am glad that we’ve been friends these past four years..I have no clue what I’m going to do when you leave after graduation!

3 – I’m thankful for amazing people who rescue animals from cruel situations. This adorable dog has been my buddy this week as mom and dad headed to some warmer weather to work on their tans. She was living in San Antonio, TX pregnant, malnourished and dehydrated in the middle of summer when a neighbor noticed her. Her owners were moving and had planned to drop her off on the wrong side of town when that courageous neighbor walked up to them and said absolutely not. She took both dogs (the second would later die from her conditions) and immediately got medical care for both of them. Unfortunately, Cari would lose the litter that she was carrying due to her poor treatment. This kind Samaritan took Cari home and fostered her until her now mom and dad adopted her :) She’s been their kiddo for 2 years now and I must say I am in absolute love with her :) I’ve enjoyed our playtime and cuddles this week! To all the “rescue dog” mom and dads out there..Thanks!

4 – I am thankful for sparkles! Sometimes you have a bad day..and I had a horrible Wednesday this week. I’ve been commuting back and forth this week as I’m living in another town taking care of Cari :) One my way to work yesterday, I was rear-ended by an F350 with 250 gallons of water on the back. Talk about ouch. Thankfully the only damage my truck sustained was two messed up bumpers (I was hit and hit the guy in front of me). But in my slightly melancholy state yesterday I saw sparkles all around my office :) and I smiled! Because it’s the little things in life that make me happy..sparkles in my window, puppy cuddles and best friends :)

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


One Sparkly Lemon


Thankful Thursday!

Well my Thankful Thursday post is a little late today :) It’s been an insane week..and I’m having a bit of trouble being thankful for this Thursday!

1 • Critters

It never ceases to amaze me what I find on my random lunch runs :)

2 • #RunChatHunt

I am so excited about this running scavenger hunt! It’s making me switch my runs up so I can discover some of the things on my list :) If you want more info check it out at :) PS: #RunChat on Twitter is the most awesome part of my week each week! A whole hour of hanging out with runners all over the country and world talking about running..

3 • Yoga

I’ve been missing my yoga lately..and I’m so thankful I’ve gotten some in this week :) Working on that core for summer..

4 • Christmas Lights!

They FINALLLLLLY turned on the Christmas lights in town and I’m thrilled I get to see them on my to and from work.

5 • Christmas Invites

LOVE getting Christmas party invitations in the mail :)

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


One Lemon Chilling Under the Mistletoe

Thankful Thursday :)

So much to be thankful for today on Thankful Thursday!

1 • Beautiful Rides Home

I have about a 50 minute commute to work each way everyday..and some days I really don’t see anything on my way home. But I got quite the treat this week! A new watercolor every night it seems..these sunsets put me in awe of my creator and His handiwork!

2 • New Makeup!

My face has been acting like a teenager recently..(mid-20’s probs). I’ve never had breakouts this bad..I’m sure you’re thinking TMI! But I realized I hadn’t been throwing away my makeup like I should. As a theater nerd, my stage makeup teacher engrained it in our heads to chunk every 3 months, never use a sponge twice and always use disposable mascara wands. Needless to say..when the budget gets tight makeup seems like a trivial expense. So I threw away all my makeup, bought new sponges & applicator wands and cleaned the tar out of my brushes. I’ve been looking a bit like Rudolph lately (all the running outside I suppose). I went to Clinique to grab some redness reduction makeup. I found out they have a new cleanser! It’s hard for me to find a cleanser I can use due to my sulfate allergy. I LOVE IT! My face feels 300x better and I am already seeing an improvement.

3 • Office Organization // Pens

I have been stressed out a ton lately and I realized my room and office clutter were getting to my head. So this weekend I tackled my room and yesterday I tackled my office. It’s amazing how many pens one girl can have…

4 • Hand Me Down Sweaters

My mom recently gave me a bag of sweaters that she bought but has never worn. I’m digging them! They’re a bit out of my norm but it’s made my outfits become a bit more creative :) Today I’m rocking a teal and silver striped sweater with corduroy jeans (a steal at $1.98 at Old Navy last year!) paired with some insane blue eyeshadow :)

5 • Best Friends :)

I’m thankful for the big guy in that photo! This year marks our 4th year of being friends and I can’t believe that he’ll be leaving me in about 3 weeks! He’s graduating and it is going to be a bittersweet day for me as my little brother will be graduating as well. Cody has been the thorn in my side, my go to guy, my lunch buddy and just about the best guy friend a girl could ask for :) This week I got to watch him receive the Leadership Legacy Award and I was so proud of him! He has done huge things at our alma mater as an undergrad and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do as an alum.

So what are you thankful for this week? That Thanksgiving is next week!? Anxiously awaiting Christmas?



Thankful Thursday!

It’s Thursday again :) I am thankful for two crazy siblings this week :)

My Brother Signed His Contract!

This week marked a huge milestone in our lives. After 3 years of training, working out, injuries and Cross-fit craziness my little brother signed his Navy contract. It’s been his dream to be in the Navy since he first saw my grandfather’s navy uniform as a small child. It’s been a hard journey. Our family has a proud history of generations of Navy service on my dad’s side. So I can honestly say the Navy runs deep in our veins. But disappointment after disappointment seemed to occur. He had been so persistent and pushed himself until I didn’t think he could push any further but he did.

He first went to a recruiting office as a senior in high school in KY. The recruiter took one look at my chunky football playing brother and told him he’d never be Navy. My brother looked at the recruiter and told him he’d die trying. 3 years later..all the high school football weight gone..he’s a lean mean machine who had the fastest PT times in his group :) (Note: KY Recruiter..kiss those grits!)

I am so proud and thankful for this guy! He’s the humor in the most trying situation, the class clown, my best buddy and the best brother these two girls could ever have had :) I’m thankful he is finally going to live his dream.

In about 4 weeks we’ll see another chapter in his life come to a close :) He’ll graduate from college and I can honestly say that is an accomplishment for him! He’s a bit of a free spirit and doesn’t really dig academia even though he’s smart as a whip.

Thankful for an amazing brother :)

My Sister Delivered Twins :)

My sister is a junior nursing major and doing a clinical rotation in maternity this semester :) She had an amazing opportunity to assist with a delivery of twins in her rotation. She was hilarious as she told me about baby A and baby B on the phone. I’m thankful for a sister that doesn’t get grossed out by blood and guts..(cause I sure do!). I’m thankful that she pushes her self to be the best in her nursing class. Rock on baby sis :)


A Very Thankful Big Sister