A little bit of Momma..a lot of yummy :)

There are several fall traditions at our house. Watching White Christmas while drinking mom’s spice tea, making pumpkin cranberry bread and putting up the Christmas tree the second weekend in October. But my favorite is momma’s pumpkin cranberry bread. My momma has been making pumpkin cranberry bread since I was old enough to lick theContinue reading “A little bit of Momma..a lot of yummy :)”

Parents + Paleo = The 30 Day Challenge Begins

Hello Hello! Happy Labor Day by the way! Well it’s finally September :) My this year seems to be flying by! I can’t wait for fall as it is by far my favorite season. I’m a scarf-a-holic. I buy them in every color, shape and size. This September is going to be hilariously fun! MyContinue reading “Parents + Paleo = The 30 Day Challenge Begins”

Football + Friday + Fun

Well football season is back y’all! I’ve been inundated with smack talk from all opposing team fans and I love it! So if it’s football season that means we need some hangout recipes right? First off…the dip! My favorite is from my bff :) Lilly’s Buffalo Chicken Dip :) INGREDIENTS: 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese,Continue reading “Football + Friday + Fun”

Müesli Mmmmmmm

Well it’s that time again. Endless chocolate cravings, salt cravings and the bottomless stomach that never reaches full. The desire for potato chips and froyo, Chinese food and anything greasy. So this month I set out to find a healthy alternative to TOM {time of the month as my sister and I call it becauseContinue reading “Müesli Mmmmmmm”