Looking Forward



What’s up my lovelies? Happy New Year!

Lemon checking in :) How have you been? I feel like it’s been awhile since we’ve talked! (It has been because Lemon has been slack! Sorry!….)

It’s a new year! One I’m very excited about :) This year is going to be a blast! Looking forward, what will Lemon be up to this year?

Well my lovelies, I’m going to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding! I have watched these two crazy kid’s story from the first page. It has been fun to be a part of their story and I’m excited to see this new chapter begin. We’ll be heading to Atlanta in a few weeks for dress fittings and the first alteration of the wedding dress!

The Carolina Cup falls on my birthday this year :) So you can expect another day at the races with me! Will RJ tag along? We’ll see! What shall I make this year? Any amazing appetizer suggestions? See what I made last year: Best Birthday Weekend: Part 1.

Lemon is going to take a vacation this year :) A real vacation! Not a few days here and there..a real life, week-long vacation. Ahhh…can’t wait.

Will Lemon find love this year? Or is she forever destined to be 8 times the bridesmaid/MOH but never the bride? Hum…we shall see :)

I made a few resolutions for this year! Help keep me on track!

1 ~ Saying yes to something, requires a no to something else.

2 ~ School has become my “BAE” this year.

3 ~ I will make choices that help me live a healthy, happy life.

4 ~ I will make things! I will crochet, quilt and paint.

5 ~ I will be happy :)


What are your resolutions for this year darlings? How can I help you achieve them?


One Excited Lemon



Thirty Days of Thankful

Hi Lovelies!

So much to catch you up on! I’m working on some blog posts about my trip to New York :) I did so much and learned so much it’s taking longer than expected.

But this month I decided to challenge myself. Thirty Days of Thankful! Often I’m so busy that I forget to be thankful for the little things in life. Today as I was hurriedly eating my sandwich on the way to the bank on my lunch break…a memory from my childhood surfaced. It’s one I don’t like to think about, but had a huge impact on me.

When I was about 6 years old, we came to visit my grandparents for two weeks. We lived in Oregon at the time so spending time with them was rare as they lived all the way across the USA in South Carolina. While we were there, my dad’s niece invited me to come spend the night with her daughters. We were born three days apart and we trouble with a capital T whenever we were together. I had never been allowed to go to their house before. We had always spent the night at their grandma’s house as their mom was usually working. So to spend the night at their house was a treat!

I’ll never forget that night though. When we pulled into their yard I remember thinking where is the swing set? Why aren’t there any toys? I had brought my teddy bear (I seldom left home without him, he even has his own Delta wings!) and I couldn’t help but hug him tighter. Their house was nothing like mine. No tv, hardly any toys and it was dirty. We played outside for a few hours and then she tucked us into bed.

We woke up the next morning long before their mom. I was hungry..I’m like a starving baby bear at breakfast (still am!). We traipsed into the kitchen and my heart plummeted. They offered me the last of their orange juice which along with a spoiled gallon of milk was the ONLY thing in their fridge. Quite a shock for a kid whose fridge was never empty… I asked for some water and when they opened to cabinets to find some thing to eat..there wasn’t anything. I played it off and said I wasn’t really hungry. I remember praying that my dad would come soon. Thankfully, my dad showed up about thirty minutes later. What did he do? Loaded all of us up in the car, took us down the road and fed us breakfast. After breakfast, we spent the day fishing before taking them to their grandma’s house. I didn’t say much all day or anything on the ride home. I remember getting back to my grandma’s house, climbing onto my mom’s lap and bursting into tears. It hurt my heart to know I had so much and others had so little.

As I ate my sandwich today, I thought long and hard about that memory. How many kids will go hungry this holiday season? How many kids go hungry in my community every year? How many lunches do I eat out paying more than anyone should for a chicken sandwich? My appetite lost, I placed my remaining half of a turkey sandwich in my lunchbox and pulled into the grocery store parking lot. I grabbed two canvas bags out of my truck and headed into the store. I loaded them up with all kinds of canned goodies. Yams, soups, peas, corn, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce..anything I could think of that a family might need for a Thanksgiving meal.

On day 6, I’m thankful for parents who did without so that we wouldn’t go hungry. For food on the table (yes, even those nasty brussel sprouts), and the opportunity to feed some kids in my community. Tonight, I’ll drop the food off on my way home and know that somewhere..someone will be able to eat :)

64% of the kids in the 20 counties that surround me will go hungry this week.

So I ask this of you! Next week, instead of eating out one day, donate that $6-$10 to a local soup kitchen or take those canned goods you really aren’t going to eat to a donation drop off.


One Humble Lemon


If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?

James 2:16

Mondays with Michelle

Hello Lovelies! It’s another Monday with Michelle from michellephilippi.com. I must say I love Sunday nights because I get to read her updates :) So let’s check in!

Counting the hours, my friends, counting the hours!

As I write this I am on day 28 of my 30-day Whole30 journey.  “Journey” seems like such a big and long word for a 30-day eating regimen, but it’s been something, that’s for sure.

This week was rough.  I did not want to eat anything.  Food simply did not appeal to me.  I read on the official Whole30 timeline that this happens, but it happened a week late for me.  I could eat fruit all day long, but even though they are natural sugars, it’s still sugar, so I didn’t do that.  I was sick of vegetables without butter on them.  Meat is starting to taste bland – I was missing cream sauces and barbecue sauce and real ketchup.  So I didn’t eat much.  Thing is though, I was still full and never hungry.  I had been eating my 3 meals a day, but this week I could not choke down 3 meals and did mostly a day meal and a dinner meal.  I was almost in tears one night and I said “I hate food” all whiney and crybabyish.  Never in my life have I not wanted food – hence my problem – LOL  But I powered through.

And as of this writing I have lost 30.8 pounds.
My husband has lost 38.2 pounds.  Holy crap he’s doing so good!  So am I, but dang, he’s a champ.

Kat had asked me how my kids are doing with Whole30.  I would say they are on a modified, more loose version of it.  They eat mostly what we eat, but they still have rice with their dinner, and a glass of milk; and cereal for breakfast.  However, I have noticed their snacking habits have improved.  My son has been eating carrots with peanut butter a lot lately – even with chips and popcorn in the house.  And my daughter made herself a salad yesterday – as a snack.  So the healthy eating is getting through to them and I think that’s fantastic.  My daughter even told me that “technically” they are doing Whole30 too – ha.  Cute, but not even…

Alright.  I have 2 days left – today and tomorrow.  I’ll be back next week with my final report of how I finished and what I did after I finished.


Homemade Paleo Mustard

Hi Lovelies!

I was tweeting about my lunch yesterday and had a request for my Paleo mustard recipe :) So I thought I’d share!

Homemade Mustard

  • 1 cup mustard seeds
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ lemon, juiced
  • (Optional) sea salt & pepper, to taste

Take your mustard seeds and place them in a bowl. Mix in the vinegar, water and lemon juice and let it soak (about 8 hours).  Once they’ve absorbed the liquid, I like to blend it in the food processor. You might need to add a little extra vinegar in to get it to the desired consistency..but usually no more than a tablespoon. If you like your mustard really yellow (I Do!) add in some Turmeric.

For a more traditional tasting mustard, add in 1/4 tsp Sea Salt and a drop of sugar.

Love some honey mustard?

Simply add in a little organic honey until it tastes like you like it :)

There you have it :) Mustard with no “secret” flavors or ingredients & 100% Paleo. Your mustard will hit optimal flavor about a week after it’s made and is good to store for about a month. If I seems like a bit much or you’re crunched for time, try Annie’s Naturals. After looking at 4 different brands that claimed to be “organic”, “paleo”..Annie’s is the only one I’ve found to be 100% Paleo.


Happy Clean Eating!


One Honey-Mustard-Loving Lemon