Sunny and 75*

Hello My Lovelies!

I am very excited! My dog, Penelope, chose to stay outside today :) While you’re probably wondering why I’m excited about this…let me explain.

Penelope is a very special dog. One who has a story all of her own. When she arrived at our local animal shelter in December, she had multiple lacerations to her abdomen and hole big enough the vet tech put his fist in it. She was hungry, dirty and yet the sweetest dog.

I had been looking for a dog for a while, particularly a German Pointer. When they unloaded her at the shelter, the director took one look at her and immediately called me. I volunteer at the shelter when I’m able and several of our “furever” friends have been adopted from there. She quickly told me the situation and asked if I might be able to come take a look at her to possibly foster her.

I drove over the next day after work, the shelter had already closed for the day, but she stayed to let me meet Penelope. What I saw broke my heart. This beautiful dog huddled in the corner, shivering with the biggest brown eyes you’ve ever seen. As I bent down her eyes flickered, for the faintest moment I saw a glimpse of hope. I slowly sat down and began to talk to her. Eventually she made her way over to me and the next thing I knew all thirty pounds of her was curled up in my lap. She closed her eyes, sighed and went to sleep. I simply sat and stroked her coat. The director smiled and laughed, and said: “That’s the first time she’s slept since she came in.” At that moment, I knew. This dog needed a safe haven.

The days that followed weren’t easy for Penelope. She had been separated from her puppies and Animal Control never found them. She endured a hurt that no one could fix. She went through multiple surgeries to fix her abdomen.

The week after Christmas I finally got the call that she was ready :) I loaded up a new blanket, collar, and leash anxious to bring this sweet puppy home. When I walked back to her kennel to get her she jumped right up and headed to me. Sitting in the waiting room filling out the paperwork, she wouldn’t leave my side. She simply sat beside me, laid her head on my lap and looked about as happy as a sad puppy could be.

When we got to the house, she was so shy and timid! I laid her blanket/bed beside my chair in the living room and she quickly snuggled in. The first weekend I had her, she slept for 72 hours straight.

Since then, we’ve begun exploring her new environment. She enjoys going for walks around our neighborhood, but the other dogs barking scare her. Several times I’ve had to stop, pick her up, and carry her home. We’ve been for a few rides in the car to pick out a RedBox movie. But the backyard seemed to be another scary place for her. She would only go outside if I went with her or if she could see me (even though it’s completely fenced in and she’s safe). I didn’t want to force her to stay outside, I wanted it to be her choice.

So today, my heart sang! When I opened the door for her to come in she turned and went to the sunshine. She looked at me, stretched out and laid in the sunshine. This is a small victory on her road to recovery! Shelter dogs come home with their own quirks and this was one of hers. She has finally learned that it’s her yard and it’s a safe place :)

What “quirks” did your shelter animal come with? Have you had any behavioral issues to work through?


One Fur Covered Lemon


This is modern fairytale…


Once upon a time, a beautiful princess lived in a city. Sadly in the city, princes were scarce and those pretending to be turned out to be frogs. She walked the city day after day, wondering if she would ever find such a man as the rumored Prince Charming seemed to be.

Frustrated one evening after meeting yet again another prince who turned out to be a frog, she went to her friend’s castle to lament about the state of their fair city. The other maidens of the castle agreed with her sad tale of woe. Upon such sadness did they decided to travel about the countryside. Out of the town they went, determined to clear their minds of these dreadful frogs.

Upon a small place did they stop to dine and rest their weary horses. As they listened to the music of the night, the princess was approached by what she thought must surely be a frog in disguise. One of the maidens gave vouch to his character, but the princess was not so easily swayed. Yet, as the night wore on…what she thought was a frog…began to strangely look like a prince..could it be? Was there one fair prince hiding in the midst of the city walls?

The night ended and the princess ran off to her castle..leaving the prince quite distraught because he had yet to ask for a number upon which to call the princess by.

The other maidens fair, began to dabble and play as only cupid would. They conspired to reunite the prince and the princess. Subtle (not subtle) hints were thrown, a through some twist of fate her number traveled through hands until one day the prince inquired of the princess if he might call on her. Hesitantly she agreed and traveled on her trusty steed.

Again she was wary…having had unpleasant experience, after unpleasant experience with toads will do that to a girl. But alas…the night was full of surprises. For never once did she feel the dread that usually crept upon her soul…instead her heart was full and happy as she daintily sipped her tea. Wonders began to run through her head, and she quickly tried to put them to bed. Yet as the night wore on, she felt sadness creep upon her when the end came near. But the promise of another night with the prince she held dear.

Anxiously, she awaited for the night to come. She worried of what to wear, how to do her hair..a week later (though to her like a fortnight did it feel) the night drew near. She twiddled and twitched as she awaited for the arrival of the prince. Never had anyone offered to pick her up before…it was a night of surprise she would soon discover…for whence the prince arrived upon her door, his arms were laden with roses red. In twenty years of living, never had anyone been so sweet or brought the princess such delightful treats. Twas a night to remember and one she’ll never soon forget. For as they left her castle, the prince escorted her to the carriage at which he halted and opened up the door. Her heart began skipping beats, for never had she experienced anything as sweet. Never had one been so kind as the prince was to her that night. As they traveled the city fair, sampling food, and enjoying the night, not once did she have any fear, only a peace and a joy she held near…for finally the princess felt as if she were a brilliant beauty to behold…a treasure….and treasure her he did…

Sadly, the clock struck 12 and the evening came to an end..but not without the promise that he would see her once again :)


One Treasured Lemon