Hellloooo Friday!

Hello Lovelies!

We did it…we made it to another Friday <3 Lots of fun things in store this weekend!

As several of you noticed I’ve been a little quiet lately. Y’all there has been so much going on…..

Just to catch you up….

#1 -The Final Countdown has begun!

I’m in my last – L_A_S_T – LAAAAAASSSSTTTT fall semester of graduate school! Thank you, thank you, no applause necessary really…actually clap your hearts out. It’s been a challenge. I’ve grown, I’ve cried, I’ve learned economics is kind of interesting, and I’ve been inspired to leap. This semester is taking some serious work and studying. So I’ve been nose in a book most nights.

#2 – I started another company.

Yeah, I know. I already have one. But after doing some market research this summer and really reviewing my company, the results told me that I needed to split it and re-brand my handmade items.

SOOOOOOO……ta da! May I introduce Southern Fields Soap Company to you :) We’re a small (as in my mom and I run the show) little company. Our mission? To bring you 90% organic and vegan body products with no harmful chemicals, toxins, colorants, or junk that hurts your skin. We grow or source our ingredients from right here in the Carolinas.

When you buy a soap from us, not only do you support our farm but other local farmers too! Our scrub sugar comes from a sweet family in North Carolina, our basil from Ovis Hill Farms, our Peppermint…grown right here on the farm, and our essential oils are 100% pure (more about that in another post!).


• A Bar of Our Lavender Soap •


End pieces for the scrap basket at the Market


Eucalyptus Mint Relaxing Soak

So I’ve literally been pouring every waking hour into making products, pouring soaps, cutting soaps, working the Farmers Market, and thinking of new products for winter.

It’s been awesome! And exhausting lol. I think I’ve been running off of four hours of sleep for the last three months.

But! I love it. People are using our soaps and realizing the difference! I love hearing people say they’ve been using them for two weeks and already see a difference. <3

We’ve been going to the City Center Farmers Market in Downtown Florence on Saturdays. I love the comradeship of the merchants. They’ve been nothing but encouraging and supportive. I look forward to seeing them each weekend :)

Being a small business owner is a lot of work. It’s hard. There are nights you want to throw your hands up and quit. But hang in there! I promise it’s worth it.

#3 – Boy Dahhhhhrrraaahhhhmaaaa

So I started dating this boy in September. He was the dream ladies…lively conversationalist, proper grammar, educated, successful, loved Jesus….ahhh. I was blown away.

He was so encouraging of my little soap business and giving me ideas of how to grow it and expand it.

We went on amazing dinner dates….he brought me roses….

And then as quickly as Hurricane Matthew rolled through, he was through. No goodbye, no phone call…just ghosted me as if I didn’t exist at all.

Now y’all know I’m not one to sit around and look at my phone waiting on a boy to call. Ain’t nobody got time for that, am I right?

Well this one just got my goat. . . So after getting frustrated and worked up about it, I did what you should never do…I texted him and told him exactly what I thought of his childish, immature rude 30 yr old behavior.

His response…You’re too tall to date.

Go ahead…bust out and laugh. I did. Lol. Called my mother and told her…and she laughed then said well someone’s got a complex. Can’t momma call it?

#4 – Charley Tango

Ever look at your vehicle and wonder why you haven’t traded the dag-gum thing in yet? Oh right it’s paid off…

So far this year, Charley’s gotten new tires, new brakes, new filters, new headlights x2, new blinkers, new flashers……just keep going and you’ll get there.

He’s eaten up my truck fund and most of my savings account.

And then today I get up to go to work and he won’t start. Nope. Just sat there like I need a day off mom. Momma ain’t got time for that boo boo.

Thank goodness my dad was off work today and could work on him.

So pray the Lord drops a new to me vehicle in price range around here soon. ‘Cause the old boy is a ticking time bomb.

#5 – Exhaustion

It’s a thing. I’m well versed in it at the moment. I knew going into grad school that I wouldn’t have much of a life until it was through. But they don’t tell you how rough running two small businesses, grad school, being VP of Com for Junior League and working a 40+ hour job each week is. …. it’s sheer insanity.

So what I’ve learned is this….sleep when you can…truck naps are awesome…hammock naps are better…you can listen to grad school lectures in the shower to save time and on the way to work…you can make products while watching grey’s anatomy #multitaskingfreakingqueenbee…you will cry a lot….drink hot tea….take immupro tablets 3x a day or you will get sick….

Basically, my life is a huge ball of craziness at the moment :) But that’s what being me entails right now. Chasing a dream is just that…it’s a chase. You have to constantly push yourself. You will fall, you will fail, you will falter along the way. But you will also get back up, dust off, and succeed :)

So here’s to you my lovelies! May you chase that big scary dream, may you dust that bootie off and may you be the best most bad bootie #GirlBoss ever!


One Exhausted – Bootie Dustin’ #GirlBoss Lemon

Happy Fall Y’all!

Hello My Lovelies!

I am currently in Denver, Colorado for a conference and y’all! It is blissfully like fall here <3 I am slightly dreading going back to hot old SC tonight.

With fall comes a few of my favorite things…Pumpkin Cranberry Bread (thank you momma!), Spiced Tea, Vests (I’m a complete vest addict) and crunchy leaves.

We always know it’s fall when my mom makes the first batch of her famous Spiced Tea. When you walk into her house, it smells deliciously of orange & clove and you instantly want to grab a blanket and snuggle with a mug. She’s been making Spiced Tea since we were little kids. I remember grabbing my mug and standing by the stove anxiously waiting until she would deem it the perfect time to dip us out a scoop.

It’s one of her signature recipes and my absolute favorite to make for a fall party or Christmas event!

Spiced Tea

Momma’s Spiced Tea

2 Cinnamon sticks
2 TBSP WHOLE cloves (about 16)
3 cups sugar (can sub 1/2 Splenda & 1/2 sugar)
1 qt. boiling water
1 qt. strong tea (Like REALLY STRONG y’all!)
Juice 3 lemons (Or lemon juice)
1 cup pineapple juice (I prefer Dole’s)
1 cup orange juice
3 quarts boiling water (Or sub 1/2 apple cider!)


Bring 1 qt water (or cider/water blend) to a boil, add cinnamon sticks, cloves, and sugar (Mom throws in a dash of nutmeg). Boil for 5 minutes, then add tea and remaining ingredients. Keep on low for about an hour to encourage the flavors to blend. Serve hot or cold!

I will tell you a little secret about the spices. Momma splits them into two large tea balls and puts one on each side of the pot.

It’s good right after she makes it….but it’s AHHHHHMAZING the day after. All of the flavors and blended into this synergy of taste that I’ve yet to find anywhere else.

So go home, dig your favorite mug out and make a batch!

You can find more of my fall party favorites here!


One vest wearing, mug huggin’ Lemon


PS: Reply to this and I’ll send you my mom’s Cranberry Pumpkin Bread recipe! It pairs beautifully with Spiced Tea!




Weekend Wrap Up: Captain America & Slushies!

Hello Lovelies!!

It has been such a crazzzzy weekend but a fun one :)

I worked commencement on Saturday then rushed to make the Mother’s Day banquet with my family. I’m so thankful I have such sweet ladies in my life!

After a yummy lunch and hanging out for awhile, I headed off to Lindy dance class. It was a lot of fun!

Sunday was super busy, running to church with my family. Got to see my little sister and then heading back to my aunt’s house for lunch with the family.

I love how crazy it is when we all get together. Lots of voices, laughs and crazy things nana says.

While I was there Montana texted and asked if I wanted to go to the movies. So I headed out to meet up with him in Camden.

He had been wanting to see Captain America: Civil War and I hadn’t seen it yet.

I was tired so he drove us to the movies. We headed to the Village at Sandhills. Lots of laughing on the way. I didn’t die from his driving haha.

It is so nice to go on dates with a guy to takes care of everything. He bought the tickets, asked what snacks I wanted, and even got me extra butter on the popcorn.

The theatre was really, really small! And I don’t like to feel claustrophobic. You would know the only seat left open were in the middle of the row. I hate having to climb over people..but I did it. We finally sat down and the guy beside me was quite overweight and overflowing onto me. Thankfully, he moved and switched seats with his daughter so he wasn’t touching me anymore…whew!

But then it was tricky. Trying to balance Montana’s drink, my drink, and the popcorn haha. I ended up having to wedge my arm under Montana’s and his poor long legs were sooo cramped.

The movie was really good! I haven’t seen the first of the Captain America movies (judge me…I know!). But I really liked this one! Definitely going to have to watch the others.

After the movie, we headed back to Camden. Montana was really glad I had come to see the movie. I enjoyed being with him. He’s beyond sweet and pays attention to details. He’s always picking on me and it cracks me up because he’s always making me laugh. Apparently, he does it because he likes my smile haha.

When we got back to Camden, he fussed at me for not getting a slushie at the movies. Ummm hello…he remembered slushies are my favorite thing???!! what….who is this guy?

So before I knew it, we were pulling into Sonic for a slushy. I couldn’t believe he’d never been to a Sonic before. I guess they don’t have those in Montana haha.

Sipping on a slushy and watching him inhale a burger, foot long and tater tots was ridiculously fun. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these little moments. I don’t need fancy dates or expensive trinkets. It’s these little moments of quality time spent together.

He drove me back to my truck and we ended up sitting in his truck just talking for a few more hours. He even called his mom to wish her Happy Mother’s day while I was in the truck (that was a little weird but he wanted to….so who am I to say no haha).

After a few more laughs, he hugged me and we parted ways. I’m looking forward to our next date!


One Powerade Slushy Filled Lemon

Dancing, Dates and 28

Mmmmm…hello my lovelies!

It’s been awhile since I last checked in. Life has been crazy with school this semester. I have survived the world of Business Analytics, one of the more challenging courses in our program (at least for this non-math kiddo!). Y’all!! I have three classes left…three!! Can you believe it?

It seems like yesterday I was getting sweet notes of encouragement from y’all telling me to go for it! I’m so glad you’ve walked this journey with me!

This year I’ve been trying to do new things…things I’ve never done…things that challenge me!

I’ve been going to a Lindy Hop class here in town and I was super scared the first time I went with CB. I’m not very coordinated and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But I’ve been learning a lot and practicing a lot in my living room. Penelope thinks I’m crazy some nights haha.

It’s been fun learning the Charleston, Lindy Hop and a little bit of East Coast swing…and I’ve discovered…I LOVE DANCING! I mean I’ve always loved it but kind of felt like the ugly duckling at the ball haha. But now I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.

I’m literally the world’s best kitchen dancer haha. I dance while I cook. I dance down the hall to put the linens up…I could literally dance all night. It’s been a fun challenge!

And now…the dates! So what’s it like to date at 28? As awkward as it was to date at 27. There are so many rules and ques and smh moments. I really don’t get it haha. Why can’t a guy just say: “Hey, I’d like to take you out to dinner because I’m interested in getting to know you more.”

Instead it’s this awkward guessing game that leaves this girl sooo frustrated. So I went on a first date last weekend. It seemed to go really well. There were a few awkward moments but that’s to be expected on a first date right? At the end of dinner, he asked if I would like to grab coffee and a donut so I accepted. We drove across town and grabbed some coffee. He left shortly after that to get back home for work and ended by saying how much he had enjoyed the date and that we should do this again soon.

And apparently we have different definitions of the word soon….because here it is a week later and homeslice hasn’t texted, hasn’t called…so needless to say I got that signal pretty quickly.

But ehhh…it is what it is.

I seem to be in the season of friends setting me up on dates! But I’m not complaining. I like meeting new people and so far none of them have been creepers. So Jess set me up with his friend Austin. And y’all…this boy is cute! I mean seriously cute!! Tall…he’s got that mid-western drawl and a cowboy hat. Yeah…that’s right! This boy is the real deal…straight from Montana. He rodeos, he rides, he runs, he’s deliciously tall and I was really excited when he called and asked if we could go out on a date.

Ladies….little sidebar here. His first invitation was to come over for a bbq at his place with his friends….ummm yeah no! DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT drive over an hour to meet a guy for a first date. So I politely responded and told him that was out of my comfort zone.

Needless to day, I quickly got a backtrack and he asked me for a dinner date in my town. I was really excited! With our work schedules it took a bit of finagling. We figured out a date and I happened to have tickets to the USC baseball game so I invited him to come with me. I love the anticipation of a first date… the texting your best friends for outfit ideas, Pintrest stalking outfits, and running around town to find the perfect aviators.

We were talking on the phone last night about waffles for some reason…and Austin was like hey…let’s do something crazy…and I asked what…and he said lets go get waffles. Mind you this boy is an hour away from me, was out with his friends, and dropped everything to come eat waffles.

So our first date was I think one of my favorite first dates so far..We met at a hole-in-the-wall diner for waffles. And before I knew it…it was 3am. We laughed, cracked jokes, and ate waffles to our hearts content. Austin had to get back for work at 5am…bless his heart he pulled an all nighter…so we said goodbye and made plans for Sunday.

I spent today working on my garden :) It made the time go by faster. There’s something catharthic about having your hands in dirt. Before I knew it, I was covered from head to toe in dirt and of course that was when my neighbors walked over to introduce themselves. I guess they got to see what a country girl looks like haha. But I’ve got blueberries, squash, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweet peppers (I went a little pepper crazy), habanero peppers, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, kale ursa, onions, tomatoes and herbs! I love me some herbs…mint, spearmint, lemon balm, basil, purple basil, lavender, rosemary and I finally got an aloe plant :)

I’m really excited about tomorrow! So excited I can’t really sleep haha.

So here’s to first dates, dancing and being 28!


One Aviator Sporting Lemon