It’s official..I’m normal!

It’s official, I’m normal! Well at least my ankle is :) After a tumultuous 7 weeks post car accident that wasn’t my fault, I got my results back from my MRI this morning.   TendonsĀ  NORMAL! Ligaments NORMAL! Bone NORMAL! Joints NORMAL! My doctor said it was the most normal MRI he’d ever :)Continue reading “It’s official..I’m normal!”

Terrors of a Terrific Tuesday

So today was supposed to be a TEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRIFIC Tuesday..and so far it’s been a lemon. I seem to be on a roll this week for things turning into lemons. Sunday I went to leave my church to go to church with my grandma (because it was homecoming and they have amazing food!) only to noticeContinue reading “Terrors of a Terrific Tuesday”

To Recovery Run or Not to Recovery Run…

You’re in the middle of training and you feel great! The legs are pumping, blood is flowing and you’re on top of the mountain. Then you hit the wall of lactic acid and muscle cramps.. What’s a girl to do? I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about recovery runs and I decided to delveContinue reading “To Recovery Run or Not to Recovery Run…”