Watch out for that….TREEEEEEEE!

Good Morning My Lovelies :) Do you ever have moments in life where you just chuckle? I had one last’s slightly embarrassing but I’m going to tell you anyway.  I missed my #runch yesterday for a spur of the moment lunch date with my cousin. So much fun to hangout with her. (Even ifContinue reading “Watch out for that….TREEEEEEEE!”

Life Is Short..Run Hard :)

These past few months have been tragic for the #runchat running community. We lost a mother, a wife and a dear friend the day Meg died. But like many..I never realized her husband was running with her when she was struck by a car . As I sat on my lunch break reading his story,Continue reading “Life Is Short..Run Hard :)”

High Five For Friday!

It’s Friday! It’s also my BIRTHDAY :) Woot Woot! I thought this Friday I would share 5 of my favorite bloggers with you :) High Five #1 Goes to The Things I’m Learning Meet Anna. This crazy, cool girl is doing some amazing things! I love following her blog. She has great tips about faith,Continue reading “High Five For Friday!”