Failure..feels horrible

Hey Lovelies! Well I’ve done it again…hit the failure moment in life. Do you ever feel like a complete failure? Even though you really know you’re not? I hesitated to post this last week, but I think I need to. This past semester of graduate school has been the most painful, horrible experience. It wasContinue reading “Failure..feels horrible”

Thirty Days of Thankful

Hi Lovelies! So much to catch you up on! I’m working on some blog posts about my trip to New York :) I did so much and learned so much it’s taking longer than expected. But this month I decided to challenge myself. Thirty Days of Thankful! Often I’m so busy that I forget toContinue reading “Thirty Days of Thankful”

Because I’m happy.. #WeekendWrapUp

So I’m happy! Like ridiculously, insanely happy :) I’ve done a horrible job of blogging lately my dears..I apologize..I shall attempt to catch up :) Top 10 things you missed in Lemon’s life.. 1 – I spent the week babysitting my best friend’s dog. He’s in the middle of finishing his last rotate at medContinue reading “Because I’m happy.. #WeekendWrapUp”

Sorry, I’m not sorry..

  Yesterday was frustrating for me..I snapped at my boss (and it wasn’t her fault..and I felt bad.) I don’t handle change well and it hit me like a brick yesterday. I’ve been trying not to think about it..because if I don’t think about doesn’t happen right? But it does..and it hurts and it’sContinue reading “Sorry, I’m not sorry..”