Essential Oils for Back-to-School

Incorporating essential oils into your routine during the school year is a great natural option to stay healthy. Whether you’re a teaching considering diffusing oils in your classroom, a parent looking to help their student with first day jitters, or a college student ready to conquer the semester; there’s literally an oil for everyone.
One way to use oils during the school day is by wearing aroma therapy jewelry. Simply place a few drops of essential oil on the lava bead or leather and enjoy the scent as the oil diffuses. The bracelet is a great option for students! They can smell their oil while sitting at their desk. How can oils help with school? There are oils to help with focusing, feeling anxious about a test, sleep, relaxation and more!

Here are two of my favorite back to school oils!

New school year butterflies? Lavender is great oil to use for sleep support. Before bed, place a few drops in the diffuser and roll onto the feet to help your student get the sleep they need! Lavender can also be used for battling seasonal allergies (add it with Peppermint + Lemon to make the Allergy Fighting Trio!). Got a little too much sun at the football game? Spritz it on for aftersun relief. It has so many great uses!



Definitely my go to oil year round. Working at a university means I come in contact with a lot of people (and germs) all the time, I use Thieves on the bottom of my feet to boost my immune system and diffuse it in my office during cold and flu season. You can also dilute the oil in a roller ball bottle to use with kiddos each morning before school! I keep the Thieves hand purifier in all of my handbags and backpack during the year.


Lemon is a “cleansing” or “clearing” oil which can be helpful for the respiratory but also for the emotions. Roll this one onto the feet and diffuse for nervousness. Lemon can also be used for: removing gum or sticky residue; calming allergens, especially when mixed with lavender; and building
your respiratory system during winter.


What are your favorite oils to us during the school year?


One Oily Lovin’ Lemon


Want to learn more about my favorite oils? Check them out here:

Sunflowers and Surprises

Hi Lovelies,

This year has already been full of sweet surprises! One I’m waiting a bit to tell you about, but one I can share.

The other night I was at the grocery store. Typical night, I was hungry and tired of eating alone. I was walking around the store contemplating what I wanted to fix for dinner. As I promenaded around the store, I passed a sweet older gentleman several times. I love older people :) I often wonder what amazing stories they hold. I was back in the produce section again. Have I mentioned I’m the world’s most indecisive shopper even with a list? I struggled to decide if I wanted acorn squash for dinner or a salad.

As I was looking over the freshly cut flowers, I marveled at the brilliance of the bright sunflowers. I was seriously debating on whether or not to splurge and buy myself some when I noticed the older gentleman. I smiled at him and he said:

G: Young lady, could I trouble you for a moment?

L: Sure thing!

G: Which of these flowers would you put together to make a bouquet? I want to take my wife some flowers but I never know what looks good together.

L: (heart skipped a beat) Well, I think the sunflowers are brilliant since it’s winter and dreary outside! // I pulled together some sunflowers, some liatris (a bright purple stalk flower), and a touch of greenery. I told him how sweet he was to take flowers to his wife.

G: Darling, I’ve brought her flowers every week for 58 years.

L: (tears about to flow) I smiled and told him what a blessing that must be to her.

G: He smiled, said thanks for the bouquet and told me to have a wonderful night.

I oogled over the sunflowers a few more and headed through the checkout line. As I was paying for my groceries, the cashier handed me a bouquet of sunflowers. I was a little shocked, and told her I hadn’t paid for any flowers. She told me that the gentleman had bought them, and told her to tell me: Every beautiful girl deserves flowers.

God works in mysterious ways my loves :)

My Sunflowers

As a flower of the field, so he flourishes…
Psalms 103:13-18


As I sit here in my kitchen looking at those beautiful flowers, I smile thinking about the little blessings in life. How three sunflowers and a few kind words made a young woman’s heart sing with joy.

Ladies, chivalry isn’t dead :)


One Sunflower Savoring Lemon


New House, New Shop, New Dog

Hey Lovelies!

It seems like July is going to be a good month for me! I’m set to close on my house this Thursday and I can’t wait. It’s so cute! The more I’m over there the more I absolutely love it. I met my new neighbors last night!! And what a surprise I had when I realized it was someone I know! (Yay for not having to live next to creepy, strangers..). They’ve lived there for 25 years and liked to have talked my ears off last night.

My new backdoor was installed yesterday :) Got to love some French doors. Next up will be the floors :) Happy 4th of July project to me!

But since I’ve got the space in my new house, Lemon’s shop is coming back. New inventory and more coming over the next couple of week’s. Check it out here!

Here’s a preview of some bangles I cranked out last night. More coming tonight!

Off to make more bangles!


One Styling, Bangle Stacking Lemon

Thankful Thursday!

It’s Thursday already? My where has the time gone this week!

1 – I’m so thankful for the men and women who choose to fight for our country. This week I had the privilege to photograph a commissioning ceremony for Lt. Evans. He is one of 5,000 that will be commissioned into the United States Army this year by way of the ROTC college program. (GO NAVY!)

2 – I’m thankful for a best friend that goes to events with me even though he hates dancing and would rather be somewhere else : ) C, you’re the best! I am glad that we’ve been friends these past four years..I have no clue what I’m going to do when you leave after graduation!

3 – I’m thankful for amazing people who rescue animals from cruel situations. This adorable dog has been my buddy this week as mom and dad headed to some warmer weather to work on their tans. She was living in San Antonio, TX pregnant, malnourished and dehydrated in the middle of summer when a neighbor noticed her. Her owners were moving and had planned to drop her off on the wrong side of town when that courageous neighbor walked up to them and said absolutely not. She took both dogs (the second would later die from her conditions) and immediately got medical care for both of them. Unfortunately, Cari would lose the litter that she was carrying due to her poor treatment. This kind Samaritan took Cari home and fostered her until her now mom and dad adopted her :) She’s been their kiddo for 2 years now and I must say I am in absolute love with her :) I’ve enjoyed our playtime and cuddles this week! To all the “rescue dog” mom and dads out there..Thanks!

4 – I am thankful for sparkles! Sometimes you have a bad day..and I had a horrible Wednesday this week. I’ve been commuting back and forth this week as I’m living in another town taking care of Cari :) One my way to work yesterday, I was rear-ended by an F350 with 250 gallons of water on the back. Talk about ouch. Thankfully the only damage my truck sustained was two messed up bumpers (I was hit and hit the guy in front of me). But in my slightly melancholy state yesterday I saw sparkles all around my office :) and I smiled! Because it’s the little things in life that make me happy..sparkles in my window, puppy cuddles and best friends :)

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


One Sparkly Lemon