Kat’s 24 Day Challenge

Starting Weight: 186.4

Beginning of Week 1 Measurements: Waist – 36in, Hips – 43 in, Thigh – 23in, Chest – 40in, Calf – 16 in, Bicep 12.5, Height – 5’8

End of Week 1 Weight: 180.2

Well I’ve survived week 1! Biggest challenge? Drinking enough water..cause it makes you have to pee..a lot..and my office is not close to the bathroom at all. Hunger wise I only had one day where I was really hungry. The effects of the cleanse are awesome. I feel more energetic (no doubt to the hydration!) and my skin has started to clear up.


I notice my focusing ability is a lot better at work. I’m staying on task and not getting stressed out as much. I’ve seen an improvement in my running. Not cramping mid-run, longer energy. My body already feels good :) No doubt because the toxins are coming out and healthy fuel is going in.

End of Week 2 Weight: ?

End of Week 3 Weight: ?


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