Essential Oils for Back-to-School

Incorporating essential oils into your routine during the school year is a great natural option to stay healthy. Whether you’re a teaching considering diffusing oils in your classroom, a parent looking to help their student with first day jitters, or a college student ready to conquer the semester; there’s literally an oil for everyone.
One way to use oils during the school day is by wearing aroma therapy jewelry. Simply place a few drops of essential oil on the lava bead or leather and enjoy the scent as the oil diffuses. The bracelet is a great option for students! They can smell their oil while sitting at their desk. How can oils help with school? There are oils to help with focusing, feeling anxious about a test, sleep, relaxation and more!

Here are two of my favorite back to school oils!

New school year butterflies? Lavender is great oil to use for sleep support. Before bed, place a few drops in the diffuser and roll onto the feet to help your student get the sleep they need! Lavender can also be used for battling seasonal allergies (add it with Peppermint + Lemon to make the Allergy Fighting Trio!). Got a little too much sun at the football game? Spritz it on for aftersun relief. It has so many great uses!



Definitely my go to oil year round. Working at a university means I come in contact with a lot of people (and germs) all the time, I use Thieves on the bottom of my feet to boost my immune system and diffuse it in my office during cold and flu season. You can also dilute the oil in a roller ball bottle to use with kiddos each morning before school! I keep the Thieves hand purifier in all of my handbags and backpack during the year.


Lemon is a “cleansing” or “clearing” oil which can be helpful for the respiratory but also for the emotions. Roll this one onto the feet and diffuse for nervousness. Lemon can also be used for: removing gum or sticky residue; calming allergens, especially when mixed with lavender; and building
your respiratory system during winter.


What are your favorite oils to us during the school year?


One Oily Lovin’ Lemon


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