Green Chef, Blue Apron vs. Lemon

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It seems like lately my inbox has been inundated with requests for me to try all of these healthy eating companies…Join today and we’ll give you four free meals!

I must admit I was intrigued at first! I mean not having to go grocery shopping sounded pretty good to me…so I started looking at one. My dad recently joined the Blue Apron wagon so I thought I would start there.

At first it seems like a great deal! $21 and some change and you’ve got 6 meals. But then you read the fine print and see it says future subscription charge of $71 a WEEK!! Ummm….no.

I was curious to see how that price compared to my current grocery budget.

My typical grocery budget per week is under $50. Mind you the only thing I’m feeding is myself, a German short haired pointer (who eats more than me most days), and a wild feline who decided she never wants to leave my porch.

Last week’s menu:

Breakfast – Blueberries and Spinach Shakes

Lunch – Chicken & Rice with Mango chunks and Black Beans

Dinner – Salad or Left over Lunch.

To make my chicken and rice recipe costs: $3.49 chicken, $1.00 brown rice, $.88 black beans, and $1.49 for the mango. Total of $6.86 and it makes 4 servings which breaks down to $1.71 a serving. Price per meal for Blue Apron was $13 and $11 for Green Chef. That’s eight times the cost of my dinner.

The other issue I have with their services is the lack of customization. I can’t eat read meat, shellfish, strawberries, kiwi, nightshades, avocado…and the list goes on (Yay, having O+ blood). I really didn’t want to spend that money for a box of food that I quite possibly wouldn’t be able to eat…

Is it convenient not to have to go grocery shopping? Probably…but there’s an amazing service offered by Harris Teeter and Target that allows me to shop online and walk in and pick my order up. It’s great. I grocery shop on my lunch break, and pick it up on the way home.

I also really like grocery shopping :) I shop a lot at Aldi here locally because they offer the best selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. I even know what days the trucks come in so I go after church to get the freshest items.

It’s been fun sharing my love of healthy eating on a budget with some friends. The number one complaint I hear is “I don’t have time…” My thought is this…if you have time to drive thirty minutes to KFC and thirty minutes back…you have time to cook dinner. Most of the food I eat during the week is prepped on Sunday and Wednesday.

It generally takes me less than forty minutes to cook every thing and pack it in Pyrex containers. I highly recommend using glass storage containers. Your food will keep longer and stays fresher.

Have you used a subscription meal service? If so, what did you like about them? Which one would you recommend?


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