Weekend Wrap Up: A little Baseball & Brisket

Hello Lovelies!

It’s been a crazy weekend and week so far! This past weekend Austin and I went to Columbia for the USC baseball game against the University of Florida. It was a fun ride up there talking about anything and everything. It’s refreshing to be able to just be me with a guy.

We stopped at Maurice’s BBQ for lunch because the boy was craving some brisket. (THANK YOU YELP!! Cause I had no clue where to go for brisket…) I had some bbq chicken and it was sooo good! It literally fell right off the bone.  Lunch was full of giggles, bbq sauce drips and people watching. He’s very observant and it’s fun to watch his facial expressions. Being from Montana, he doesn’t quite understand our southern-isms. So I had fun explaining “Bless Your Heart!” and “Y’all” to him.

It was fun planning the perfect outfit with my friends and Pinterest stalking one! The perfect outfit for a baseball game? I know, I know…guys it’s a girl thing! I found this outfit, and decided to modify it a little bit.



I decided to wear a black v-cut shirt with white shorts and cute gray sneakers. I wore my rose aviators, silver earrings and a gray & black Carolina hat to tie it all together.

It was the perfect outfit! The sun was out and it was hot! I have to be really careful in the sun because my body overheats quickly. Austin was roasting in his hoodie and jeans haha. We enjoyed a little bit of the game and then they suspended it for a weather delay. Those typically last between 25 – 40mts so I took Austin up to the vista to see downtown.

We stopped into marble slab for some icecream and it was crazy fun! Apparently icecream and beards were not made to go together…it was all over his beard and shirt it was melting so fast. We talked about our families and our mom’s since mothers day is approaching. He hasn’t seen his mom in two years! I couldn’t imagine going that long without seeing mine…

They finally restarted the game and we walked back to the stadium. I enjoyed watching the little boys in front of us. It was their first time attending a USC baseball game! The littlest one was all over the place…he was so excited and bouncing around. The oldest boy was on the edge of his seat asking his dad to explain each play. I really enjoyed watching their dad. He was never phased by their endless questions and overly patient with each one.

Shortly after that, the game was suspended again. As we were walking out of the stadium the bottom fell out and we both got soaked. So I decided I was done haha.

We headed out of Columbia and Austin asked if we could stop at the Harley Davidson tower/dealership. I have always wanted to stop but never have. It was a lot of Harley’s to look at! I may have drooled over a few…until I saw the price tags.

We made it back to Camden where Austin and I had met up earlier. As I was driving to drop him off, he turned and asked if I was hungry. I wasn’t but I told him I was happy to go with him and get something to drink. We ended up at Leo’s which is quite the hole-in-the wall. I honestly have been to Camden a million times before and never seen it.

Austin wanted wings…and can I just say that a 6’5 guy can go through some chicken? He ordered a 20 basket…and ate another 20 basket before we left! It was a ton of fun. We met the owner, Paul, and enjoyed talking with him. Before I knew it, we had been there three hours and they were closing up for the night. Time flies with this guy and it’s fun…really fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun.

We headed back to Austin’s truck and ended up sitting there talking for a few more hours. I finally headed home with a touch of sunburn and a smile on my face.

Glad that a job brought this Montana boy to my state.


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