Thirty Days of Thankful Wrap Up

Hello my Lovelies! This year has definitely been a trial and full of tough stuff, but in the middle of all of the crazy that is my life I realize I have so much to be thankful for! It’s encouraging to look back each day and write something I’m thankful for :) So here are just a few things that I’m especially thankful for!

nov. 1 – Thankful that today is my awesome Uncle B’s birthday! He works so hard with his hands to build beautiful pieces out of wood and selflessly gives them away to others. Thankful for new people at life group! #LT #E

nov. 2 – Thankful for Moe’s Monday with my life group. I’ve been praying God would bring some people my age into my life that would walk this chapter with me and He did! It’s amazing to connect with them and live life together.

nov. 3 – Thankful I have the opportunity to serve in the Junior League! These ladies do so much for our community and I enjoy our time together.

nov. 4 – Thankful for slow days at work :)

nov. 5 – Thankful for a crazy awesome brother who cooks amazing dinners!

nov. 6 – Thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge of social media and marketing with other local artists! I gave a presentation tonight to local artists and consignees about branding & marketing their work.

nov. 7 – Thankful for fun days at the races! For girl’s Hallmark Movie Nights, for getting homework done on time! #KingstreeTrials

nov. 8 – Thankful for a church that has a heart for missions and the word & thankful for beekeeping class and for learning new things!

nov. 9 – Thankful for Uschi and for the Business of Art series :) This nine week series has helped me take the final step to launching my business. It’s challenged me, grown me and encouraged me beyond words.

nov. 10 – Thankful for classmates who help me understand through texting. It’s challenging being in an online classroom some weeks.

nov. 11 – Thankful for my new friend Laura! I’m glad God shipped you to me all the way from Chicago :) We’re kindred spirits :) Thankful for time with her and late night bonfires with Katie, Mags, Luke, and Eric :) Thankful for a new hair do!

nov. 12 – Thankful for fun events like Merry Marketplace!

nov. 13 – Thankful for friends who carry essential oils in their pocketbooks! Had the worst sore throat today and April came to my rescue with some Thieves.

nov. 14 – Thankful for movie nights with Laura :)

nov. 15 – Thankful for sweet vendors that I get to minister to each year! This year was especially hard…one of my favorite vendors lost her sweet husband 5 weeks ago. We laughed together, cried together and rejoiced that they’ve been a part of Merry Marketplace for 20 years :) Thankful for new people at small group! Thankful for Alabama transplants #MrWidener

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God
and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…”
~ Ephesians 5:20

nov. 16 – Thankful for Moe’s Monday and Starbucks with my life group :) I love these guys soo much!

nov. 17 – Thankful for the gift of craftiness! Working on pieces for my first craft show this weekend!

nov. 18 – Thankful for sweet children who love Jesus! I am enjoying plugging in at church and helping with the children’s choir.

nov. 19 – Thankful for nights our with my life group! Tonight, we went downtown and had dinner at Wholly Smokin’ then headed over to the Music Industry Ensemble 80’s concert. Too much fun! Afterwards, we took off to Starbucks to spend more time together :) I am loving this fellowship!

nov. 20 – Thankful for parents who help me set up my vendor booth at craft shows!

nov. 21 – Thankful for a great first craft show! For family and friends who came by to support my art. Thankful for the opportunity to babysit 5 out of 6 crazy awesome little boys! #theMurphyBoyz

nov. 22 – Thankful for Sunday afternoon naps & buffalo chicken dip! Thankful for porch swing buddies! #LT

nov. 23 – Thankful for an awesome couple who has poured into my life the past few years! Charles & Uschi also share a birthday today!

nov. 24 – Thankful for friendsgiving with my Junior League girls! Story time with the Murphy Boys and their love for me :) Thankful for Minnemie and her hugs, for sharing my brokeness, for praying over me, and for loving me.

nov. 25 – Thankful for s’mores and bonfires and outdoors movies at the Jackson’s house :) For crazy friends that sit around a bonfire till 2am….

nov. 26 – Thankful for the opportunity to pack Thanksgiving meals for 70 families this morning! Thankful to share a meal with my family! Thankful that God doesn’t let gutting 63 turkeys freak me out..

nov. 27 – Thankful for a Christmas tree shopping and decorating buddy!

nov. 28 – Thankful for rest days and new crochet patterns!

nov. 29 – Thankful for Sunday snuggles on a porch swing and life group! Thankful for digging back into the Word and being challenged. Thankful for a collective of young people who gather to study. Thankful for openness, for shoulders to cry on, for friends to hug and for hands to hold. #abba #family #church

nov. 30 – Thankful for all of the wonderful things God has blessed me with! #family #friends #biblestudy #health #healing

When you walk through a trial, sometimes it’s hard to look up. This morning as I paused and looked up from my broken life, I realized how thankful I am. I was reminded as I read through this list and read the end of Ruth that God is in the business of redeeming broken people :) I am thankful that for all of the pain, there is something to be thankful for. I am thankful I have hope through my Savior and that it’s an everlasting, eternal hope. So Father, thank you for reminding me that your mercies are ever sweet and your arms are always open wide.

For you know the plans you have for me, plans to prosper me, plans to give me hope and a future.


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