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It has been a weekend in South Carolina for sure! For those of you who might not have seen the news, we have experienced one of the worst floods in over a 1,000 years. It’s hard to explain how much devastation there is…

Over 43 bridges have washed out, 200+ state roads are damaged/closed…and the dams have begun to break.

My heart breaks for my sweet South Carolina…

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We have hundreds of families displaced, lost pets, businesses and schools ruined, lives have been lost, and it’s overwhelming….

My sister’s house is completely flooded, her car totaled…it’s bad.

Please pray for our state. Pray for the Lineman, EMTs, Paramedics, Cops, Firefighters, National Guard, Doctors, Nurses, City workers, and more who are bravely risking their lives to save others.

I headed out as soon as my area was cleared for travel and bought some fresh water. Many families are without clean drinking water. I went through my clothes and dropped several bags of clothes off to local shelters and the Red Cross. I’m seeing all of this devastation and I just want to help in any way I can.



I was blessed! My house didn’t flood, my roof didn’t leak even, my dog and cat survived. No trees fell. I am praising Jesus for his protection.

One thing I LOVE about my home state…we are special people! This year we have survived the unthinkable…a senseless attack on a church in Charleston, a flood, students being shot…but yet you won’t see any looting, any riots…instead you see neighbors helping neighbors, strangers stepping in to help, and people loving on people.

Because together, we are #SCStrong.


One Heartbroken Lemon


If you would like to donate to the relief efforts in South Carolina, please click here.





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