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It’s been awhile I know. I have a lot going on in my life…some of it I’m not ready to talk about.. Some days it seems like everything is crumbling around me. I was looking back through some photos today and came across one of a Marine I dated last year. I love soldiers! I guess you have to when the majority of your family is military :)

But as I looked at the photo of us smiling at the restaurant…I saw the details no one else would. To most he looks like your average guy, well built, nicely dressed, but I knew he was a soldier the first time I met him. His posture, his stance, his choice of seat in the restaurant. In the photo, I saw the hint of scars running down his neck under his collar, the apprehension he had because the noise was too loud, the sunglasses because the lights were to bright, the way he turned his face to hid his scar. James was injured in combat during his deployment. He survived an IED blast, but lost one of his eyes and hearing in his ear. When James arrived home he has a wonderful support system. But what about the soldiers who don’t?

Twenty-two..it seems like a harmless little number right? Wrong. Every day twenty-two veterans commit suicide. Whether it’s from PTSD or difficulty transitioning, it’s a real reality. One we can help control!

Did you know that soldiers who are injured in combat and separated from military service have a 63 percent higher suicide rate overall? They struggle to get the assistance they need when they return stateside as the VA hospitals and clinics are no longer able to meet the needs of our Veterans. Or, the transition itself — the loss of identity, difficulty developing a new social support system, issues trying to find meaningful work after service or a sense of feeling like a burden or they don’t fit in to civilian society…these are real problems our vets face.

This month, I’m running 22 miles for the 22. I’m running for 22 days, and I’m looking for 22 people to run/walk with me! It’s a mile a day. Will you join me in raising awareness? #22For22

Several people have agreed to sponsor my run! Let’s make a difference in life of a vet!


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