Just another day…

Today started off like any other day…then the sweetest older gentleman rolled into our office wearing a Navy hat. I got to spend a few moments talking to one of our unsung heroes. A man who served his country, gave his all, and was given medals for his bravery.

A man who writes the most beautiful poetry. He recited his poems to us from memory, his eyes hidden behind shaded glasses. There was a medal hanging from his hat. Not a plastic one you buy at the store, instead a Navy issued Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal hung proudly.

The more of his story he revealed, the more my heart strings pulled.

A man who now sits alone at his home forgotten by this country he served. He’s blind from the battles he fought and lonely. His story warmed my heart, his poems brought tears to my eyes and I want to do something to give back to this man who gave us so much.

So friends I need your help. His request was simple, he just wants to talk to people. Can we do that? Can we spare a few minutes a month to sit and listen to a Navy vet share his stories? I know I can.

Let’s not forget :)

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