High Five for Friday!

Hey Lovelies :)

It’s Friday! Finally…whew this week has been crazy :) Taking a break to tell you five things I’m giving a high five this week!



Grad school is going well! I was really worried about that this semester :) But so far Lemon is hanging in there, and confident about the material.



Flowers :) I’ve got the most beautiful vase of roses from a very special guy hanging out on my kitchen counter :)



My Bible study girls :) We’re working our way through Keep It Shut, and y’all..it’s been a slap to my face, a step on my toes. I’ve begun to realize how much my mouth says…



My puppy barked this week! That was a huge moment for us :) After 30 days of silence, I think she is finally feeling safe enough to use her voice.



Matthew (aka the prince in my previous post) asked me if we could be “official”. I’m going to enjoy being his girlfriend…(can I have a mini girl moment and give a high pitch squeal?) I’m very excited to be dating such an amazing guy!


That’s my High Five for Friday! What’s been good in your life this week? I’d love to know :)



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