Sunflowers and Surprises

Hi Lovelies,

This year has already been full of sweet surprises! One I’m waiting a bit to tell you about, but one I can share.

The other night I was at the grocery store. Typical night, I was hungry and tired of eating alone. I was walking around the store contemplating what I wanted to fix for dinner. As I promenaded around the store, I passed a sweet older gentleman several times. I love older people :) I often wonder what amazing stories they hold. I was back in the produce section again. Have I mentioned I’m the world’s most indecisive shopper even with a list? I struggled to decide if I wanted acorn squash for dinner or a salad.

As I was looking over the freshly cut flowers, I marveled at the brilliance of the bright sunflowers. I was seriously debating on whether or not to splurge and buy myself some when I noticed the older gentleman. I smiled at him and he said:

G: Young lady, could I trouble you for a moment?

L: Sure thing!

G: Which of these flowers would you put together to make a bouquet? I want to take my wife some flowers but I never know what looks good together.

L: (heart skipped a beat) Well, I think the sunflowers are brilliant since it’s winter and dreary outside! // I pulled together some sunflowers, some liatris (a bright purple stalk flower), and a touch of greenery. I told him how sweet he was to take flowers to his wife.

G: Darling, I’ve brought her flowers every week for 58 years.

L: (tears about to flow) I smiled and told him what a blessing that must be to her.

G: He smiled, said thanks for the bouquet and told me to have a wonderful night.

I oogled over the sunflowers a few more and headed through the checkout line. As I was paying for my groceries, the cashier handed me a bouquet of sunflowers. I was a little shocked, and told her I hadn’t paid for any flowers. She told me that the gentleman had bought them, and told her to tell me: Every beautiful girl deserves flowers.

God works in mysterious ways my loves :)

My Sunflowers
As a flower of the field, so he flourishes…
Psalms 103:13-18


As I sit here in my kitchen looking at those beautiful flowers, I smile thinking about the little blessings in life. How three sunflowers and a few kind words made a young woman’s heart sing with joy.

Ladies, chivalry isn’t dead :)


One Sunflower Savoring Lemon


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