Looking Forward



What’s up my lovelies? Happy New Year!

Lemon checking in :) How have you been? I feel like it’s been awhile since we’ve talked! (It has been because Lemon has been slack! Sorry!….)

It’s a new year! One I’m very excited about :) This year is going to be a blast! Looking forward, what will Lemon be up to this year?

Well my lovelies, I’m going to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding! I have watched these two crazy kid’s story from the first page. It has been fun to be a part of their story and I’m excited to see this new chapter begin. We’ll be heading to Atlanta in a few weeks for dress fittings and the first alteration of the wedding dress!

The Carolina Cup falls on my birthday this year :) So you can expect another day at the races with me! Will RJ tag along? We’ll see! What shall I make this year? Any amazing appetizer suggestions? See what I made last year: Best Birthday Weekend: Part 1.

Lemon is going to take a vacation this year :) A real vacation! Not a few days here and there..a real life, week-long vacation. Ahhh…can’t wait.

Will Lemon find love this year? Or is she forever destined to be 8 times the bridesmaid/MOH but never the bride? Hum…we shall see :)

I made a few resolutions for this year! Help keep me on track!

1 ~ Saying yes to something, requires a no to something else.

2 ~ School has become my “BAE” this year.

3 ~ I will make choices that help me live a healthy, happy life.

4 ~ I will make things! I will crochet, quilt and paint.

5 ~ I will be happy :)


What are your resolutions for this year darlings? How can I help you achieve them?


One Excited Lemon


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