Dear Budweiser…

Dear Budweiser,

I’d like to write to you today in response to your decision to put the Clydesdales out to pasture. As a young design professional who falls in your new target demographic, I’m deeply saddened by this decision. Before you tune me out, hear me out please. I’ve grown up with the Clydesdale brand. It’s iconic, not passé. I understand that you want me to buy your brand, but would you be willing to modify your brand into something I would want to buy?

I’m sure you’re aware that craft beer is all the rage right now. For just reason, it’s made by small independent breweries who push flavor and have affordable prices. It’s local..and we like local. Today, I’d like to propose an idea to you.

I’d like to propose incorporating the Clydesdale’s into a new marketing campaign promoting a craft beer. Let’s be honest, most people my age don’t really drink Budweiser. But, if you crafted a new beer, a craft Budweiser beer, we might be enticed too.

Picture this…a young farmer comes in from a long day. He’s greeted by a baby Clydesdale as he walks into his barn to begin working on his craft beer. He’s hesitant to show his beer to a big brewery, but after nudges from the horse, he sends an email setting up a meeting. Flash forward to a young man navigating the city to present his craft beer to local breweries. He’s nervous, but confident that his idea will sell. A brewery decides to purchase his beer and place it on tap. Here’s where you introduce your new craft beer. You’ve made it young, confident, and related it something to every 20-something young American is facing..the real world and their own American dream. We all have it..a dream! Our generation is full of ideas and dreamers. Encourage that! Think outside of the traditional marketing box. How do you do that?

Encourage a conversation between your target audience and Budweiser. Have us concept flavor ideas, logos, a brew off for your new craft beer, or give us the opportunity to suggest local breweries where we would like to see the new craft beer on tap. You can make Budweiser young without losing everything we hold dear about it.

I understand your desire to utilize popular social icons like zombies and Jay Z, but I think you forgot that we’ve all grown up with these horses. We’ve watched them year after year at the Superbowl. There isn’t a Superbowl that I can remember where they weren’t present. They’re a part of us and our childhood. As we’ve grown, so have they. Play on our childhood memories and love of the Clydesdales while introducing us to the new you, a crafty Bud brew.

I think you might be pleased with the results.


Kat Von Diesel

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